A Guide to Internet Safety for Your Home



Internet security is the need of the hour that everyone needs to fully understand and acknowledge. With the increase in our reliability of internet services, our exposure to countless security concerns has also grown tremendously. Internet service providers such as CenturyLink Internet are facilitating customers with incredible internet services. Thereby making it possible for us to incorporate the internet from domestic to professional, business to educational, as well as sports to entertainment arena.

However, the more internet services are penetrating our lives the greater we are on verge of internet security breaches. You can face theft of confidential information including your data, credit card information, home security system credentials, and much more if your internet network gets compromised. Especially if the user owns businesses like a hotel, or merchandizes, or else the consequences can be way severe.

Only in 2021, the FBI report for Cybercrime has shown a loss of $6.9 billion users have born in the shape of credit card fraud and money scams which is a huge sum. We know that such losses are mostly occurred at large size enterprises, not at a common user end. But still, we must mention here that an internet security breach is one of the greatest red flags for every single internet user. If not handled appropriately it can put in consequential and displeasing outcomes.

If you value internet security concerns as we do and wanted to learn about internet security you have landed in the right spot. We have designed a simple and quick guide for you to build a strong and safe internet network at your home. This guide will help you to prevent your home internet network from potential cyber security threats and to combat them easily.

So, without any further a duo let’s start exploring the blog!

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – The Saviors of Your Internet Network

Internet service providers today dully understand the need of having a robust and state-of-the-art internet security system that can fight back against potential cyber security threats. That’s the reason many top-tier internet service providers in the United States of America are offering internet service with a security suite.

These internet security suits are capable of safeguarding your internet network from countless threats such as pushing, ransomware, and many others to make sure whatever activities you or your family is doing online are fully protected.

CenturyLink Internet Plans are one example of a built-in security suite internet solution that not only offers blazing internet speed at reasonable prices but also delivers a strong internet network that blocks spam emails and other undesirable things to your system or devices. Moreover, the internet service provider allows you to pick the security suite that perfectly fits your household’s internet security needs. Thus, you can build a hard-to-conquer internet network by adding some extra measures as per your need.

Different Cyber Security Threats and How You Can Deal with Them

We are assuming now that you must have gotten thorough information on how you can get a built-in security suite from your internet service provider to have a strong internet security network at your home. Now it’s time for you to learn about different threats that your internet network may experiencing or can encounter and what measures you can adapt to handle those threats.

So, let’s start exploring!

Two Common Cybercrimes and Guide to Protect Your Internet Network from Them

First of all, you need to understand the term “cybercrime”. It refers to any criminal activity committed over or through the internet. Cyber attackers or hackers are the entities involved in committing such criminal or unethical activities. Their target is to access your system either via devices you are using to use the internet or your computer system. Therefore we need to have a well-versed security system for our internet connection that can secure our devices and internet adequately.

Today we have covered two of the most common cyber security threats that have created an alarming situation for every user who is either directly or indirectly connected to an internet system. So, without any further delay let’s get down right into these two most common cybercrimes and learn how to protect your entire internet system from their attacks.

1.      Phishing

It is more about acquiring your information where cybercriminals reach out to you as a real or legit business, bank, colleague, or else and ask you to provide personal information. Usually, people cannot recognize who the communicator is and provide whatever information is being asked from cybercriminals. The information they mostly seek from you includes your name, credit card info, social security number, and debit card info. Such information they harvest from you will probably be utilized for various sinister plans that you don’t even know.

Seems terrifying? It must be but worry not because we have added a quick guide for you in this blog that will help you in protecting your internet system and your family from any phishing crimes. So, stay calm and keep scrolling!

Guide to Deal with Phishing Crimes

Usually, email servers work as a spam detectors to filter out emails and accounts. That’s the reason it can easily separate spam emails from genuine or authentic emails in your inbox. You can see a spam folder in your dashboard which bears countless spam emails.

For instance, if your email servers do not offer such a service we would like to advise you to better not to open suspicious emails. In case you do then make sure you won’t provide the information such emails are demanding you for. Keep in your mind that no bank or business ever asks you to provide them sensitive information via email. Instead, they will ask you to visit the nearest branch to resolve any queries.

Moreover, if you want to take strong action against such criminals feel free to report such activities to the concerned authorities right away. FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has launched an online portal where anyone can easily lodge complaints about cybercrime.

2.      Ransomware

One of the latest and most threatening cybercrime is Ransomware which focuses on getting monetary gains. It’s more like hijacking where the hackers get into your system, get control of it, and then demand ransom to leave your system. The major distributor of ransomware is spam emails however corrupted hardware has also facilitated ransomware getting into any system. Once it gets into your system nothing but the hacker can only remove it from it.

Unfortunately, if your system is taken over by ransomware you will leave with no choice then to pay the source via cryptocurrency. And the dark side is, that there is no guarantee that the source will leave your system even after paying a hefty ransom. Luckily, ransomware as of now is not a nuisance for domestic internet users as the cybercriminals are more into getting huge payments from large size businesses by putting their internet system at the edge of danger.

Guide to Deal with Ransomware Crimes

Care is better than cure! And that’s all we can say particularly for the Ransomware crimes. Therefore we would like to advise you to invest more in equipping your system with an updated antivirus system, adequate firewalls, VPNs, or anything that can protect your system. The strongest your internet security is the hardest it will become for cybercriminals to penetrate your system or take charge of it.

Moreover, we would like to suggest you report concerned authorities about any suspicious activity you observe in your system or receive emails demanding confidential information.

To Finalize

Attaining comprehensive internet security is not as simple as it may seem and requires you to do a lot more to prevent yourself from facing any of the above-mentioned cybercrime. So, make sure you are investing an adequate amount of money, time, and effort in equipping your internet network with firewalls, security suites, and others. Moreover, try not to save your personal or confidential information on your system as well. If you want to explore internet service providers offering a built-in security suite with internet services in the country, go to BuyTVInternetPhone today and find your desired solution.