The Best Chef’s Knives Are Not To Be Missed

We’re sure your kitchen drawers are full of knives of all sizes. But have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to cut back on pork or other foods? The highest accuracy but not for you?

This is because you don’t have the same good kitchen knives that professional chefs use. Which you can now attach to your table.

The 6 Best Kitchen Knives on Sale at Knife and Knives

1. 3 Series Open Keyless Model 1158.

Chef’s knife with stainless steel blade, Rockwell hardness 56 HRC and 32 cm polyoxymethylene handle, unmatched precision, and quality.

2. Archos Riviera Series Model 233600.

This chef knife with a 20 cm stainless steel blade is made with minimalism. Comfortable Handle It is perfectly balanced for easy cutting and weighs 277 grams.

3. Arcos Brooklyn 190623 Model Series.

Like its predecessor, this kitchen knife is made in minimalism, in this case, a 21 cm blade, and a blue Micarta handle.

4. Chef’s Knife 20 cm – KAI Wasabi Black 6720C.

This is one of the best Japanese kitchen knives that Cuchillalia has, the 12.6cm blade is slightly curved for added safety. The handle is made of bamboo powder and the blade is made of stainless steel.

5. Avoid Damask Chicken DM-0719.

From this wonderful Damascus brand. We can’t go wrong with one of the best chef’s knives you can find on the market. This model has a 20 cm Damascus steel blade and a black pika handle for a comfortable grip.

6. Caishon Premier TDM-1706.

One of the most popular Japanese models is a Damascus steel blade 20 cm long with 32 layers. The knife is designed to work in the best conditions.

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