Learn About Lexan Polycarbonate

The Lexan polycarbonate is used in DVDs, Headlamps, bulletproof glass, and kitchenware. The Lexan fill is the essential material for creating numerous modern components and products. You might ask how the materials are tough and flexible together to create such delicate things like DVDs. This answer lies with Lexan’s development process and chemical makeup, which became one of the most used and valued plastics.

Basics Of Lexan

Firstly, it is essential to know that Lexan is a brand name. This term is not the name of the material. This brand was founded in 1960 by General Electric. The company was developed for pioneering the American production and development of polycarbonate. Bayer was creating polycarbonate with the name of Merlon, and later it was named Makrolon in 1958. Both companies discovered the plastic version in a week, agreed to a partnership, and were allowed to develop the polycarbonate on both sides.

Used And Benefits of Lexan polycarbonate:

Lexan polycarbonate is a popular material that has excellent resistance power. The Lexan polycarbonate comes with remarkable features that include: –

  • High impact resistant
  • Low rigidity and be bought with flexible grades
  • Can also handle temperatures till 240 degrees Farhenite
  • Resistant to the acids and gasoline
  • Can get drilled without worrying about cracking
  • Can be bent or cold-formed without heating
  • The lower level of the flammability

There are many reasons to say that Lexan polycarbonate is the perfect material for multiple products. There are many tradeoffs, so the manufacturers have to accept the flexibility level and strength. The tradeoffs include: –

  • Easy to get scratch than the glass
  • Expensive than the glass.
  • Poor clarity and
  • It can get yellowed over the time
  • Can get dents easily
  • Low resistance to abrasive surfaces and cleaners.

These attributes make the Lexan polycarbonate excellent material sir applications if you are not concerned about the aesthetics. This is why it is primarily found in the products listed.

  • Bulletproof glass
  • LED light diffusers and pipes
  • Machinery guards
  • Moulds for the silicon and urethane casting
  • Transparent visors for hockey and football helmets
  • Phone cases and computers
  • Reusable bottles
  • Automobile windshields and windows
  • Windows covers

How Lexan Works?

The unmatched flexibility of the Lexan polycarbonate stretches its ability to get quickly reformed and deformed. The material can get created in various forms according to your manufacturing needs. Lexan is a clear and transparent polycarbonate sheet that is known a as mirror sheet. You can find such Lexan sheets used in various industries. For example, business signs and boutique mirrors can be made from such polycarbonate sheets, and if you want to install a reflected image that is unbreakable and durable then you can choose such Lexan Polycarbonate sheets.

Lexan recommends their transparent GP sheets for typical uses, which are industry-leading sheets and perfect for protection against vandalism and breakage. However, if the final product is likely exposed to the sun, you must take an interest in the Clear SL2 and Clear SL sheets. It boasts the same incredible strength and flexibility as everyday Lexan products. It also offers ultraviolet resistance for lengthening the service life and protects from color shifting.


The Lexan Polycarbonate offers a wide range of products and capabilities. It is nothing less than the modern marvel. The material comes with various applications which enjoy significant usage over the world. However, you must note that every product of Lexan is not created equal. If you are interested in adding great material to the manufacturing processes, you must choose a good distributor with an excellent track record. Choose the one that offers quality products at affordable costs.