Introduce A Bookshelf On The Wall And Make The Interiors Interesting Of Your Abode

Choosing a bookshelf can be a task. Renovating the interiors of your home is a creative process that requires time and some interesting ideas. Although a home describes your personality so, you can make the best out of it. Shape it the way you want and you should feel rejuvenated and relaxing at the same time. 

Bookshelves are in demand these days and are becoming very popular. You can create your own reading space in one corner of the room and try reading out there. Just make sure you have enough space for a particular design that you are interested in. 

Wall mantra has many types of bookshelf designs for the walls that can make your space interesting and intriguing. The design also depends on the shape you are to choose. There are many intricate designs of animals, instruments, and many inanimate objects. 

Certain aspects of choosing a perfect bookshelf design

  1. You have to choose a style that is what kind of design or pattern you want. It should match with other interiors of your room. Another important factor is to check the material with which it is made off. The durability is a must as these cannot be purchased again and again. 
  2. At the wall mantra, we promise you durability as the products are made from premium quality and there is no chance of duplicate material. the feature of a bookshelf is very important that it stores not only our books but also can help in the décor of our home. You can place the books on one of the shelves and use others for a different purpose.
  3. The books should be placed in an orderly manner so that it gives a neat and organized look. Place the books on the shelves such that it keeps balance with other artwork. You can also place planters, collectibles, or other decorative items on the shelves to make it interesting. 
  4. The height of the shelves on the wall should be according to your reach. It should be easily accessible to you if you want to grab a book and give it a quick read. Your bookshelf should be a perfect fit for the space available. It should not look out of place or big or small. 
  5. Keep it fancy as per your mood or on certain occasions. You can also use a backlit bookshelf which can be a good alternative to the existing one. You can also choose the color hue of the shelves according to the furniture of your house. Adding a white pot can be contrasting the darker shades of the bookshelf. 

Some décor ideas for different rooms

The living room

You can place the shelf just behind the sofa. It is a good space to keep your books and make a big centerpiece. You can add some decorative pieces to it and make it beautiful. 

The other idea can be beside a TV unit or fireplace. You can choose two different units on each side and give it a uniform minimalist look. On a fireplace, storing books can give a vintage appeal. 

The bedroom

It is a perfect spot to indulge yourself in reading at night time. Before sleeping, the habit of reading in a quiet place is like meditation. You can create your own cozy space by putting a couch near your bookshelf and enjoying the reading. 

The space should be ample space for a bookshelf to create a reading atmosphere. The lighting can also be a hindrance so make sure you keep a lamp or ceiling light specific to it. And it should disturb the other person’s sleep if you enjoy reading late at night. 

Reading is considered a very good habit and books are said to be great friends. They impart not only knowledge but help us in becoming wise. A bookshelf is a must and has become a basic necessity. 

The wooden bookshelf will blend with other furniture in your room and give a contemporary touch to the space. It can be a great welcome addition to the room. You can use these multipurpose shelves for making a statement for the room. 

The study room

In covid times, this place has become an important part of the home. Those who are working from home, have now become a new trend. Most people require a set up of an office in the home to attend meetings or to do their stuff. Many have converted their study rooms to office spaces. 

There are many designs on our website, especially for your study rooms to store ample amounts of books. You can choose a bookshelf with wall mirrors to showcase even your trophies or certificates. It makes a space look inspiring and aesthetic. 

You can add some vases, photo frames, art pieces, collectibles, or indoor plants on these shelves to give it a complete look. There should be holes on the walls for hanging these pieces. It should be placed with the help of a carpenter and follow the guidelines mentioned in the book given with the bookshelves.