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All of us are active in sports, including athletes and coaches. Those who work with athletes, know how crucial it is to fuel the body to achieve peak performance. Understanding how the body uses energy also makes it possible to utilize healthy techniques to enhance athletic performance.


High energy levels have several advantages, like the ability to go to the gym and maintain social relationships, but as with anything, they require discipline. You may have low energy levels if you consistently feel sleepy, crave junk food, or have difficulties falling or staying asleep.

  1. THE SUN-

The best way to increase energy naturally is to take advantage of the sun’s healing properties. Go outside and collect as much vitamin D as you can. According to research, exposure to sunlight may stimulate the brain’s production of the serotonin hormone. It seems logical that more sunshine leads to more smiles because this is the hormone we typically connect with happiness and mood. 

Among many other systemic health advantages, sunlight “plays a critical role in regulating a healthy circadian rhythm,” according to Harrisburg. “Your circadian rhythm is your internal body clock that controls your sleep-wake cycle and, in turn, your swings in energy levels throughout the day, but that’s just one component of a complex equation,”


Although it may seem obvious, stress significantly affects low energy levels. Stress can make it difficult to focus, which leaves you with a racing mind and nervous feelings. Your energy levels and overall motivation can suffer if you find it difficult to unwind and switch off. The solution may be right in front of you if you look into natural ways to increase energy and reduce stress. 


Smoking has numerous adverse health effects, but one additional negative impact is that it drastically lowers energy levels. Because of the chemicals in cigarettes, your lungs are less effective, which results in less oxygen being delivered throughout your body. You will feel more fatigued as your body receives less oxygen. 



Make sure you have solid core balance and strength. It is an excellent place to start when trying to build power. Try doing some exercises with a “wobble board” or activities that alternately strengthen both sides of your body, like the tree pose in yoga or one-legged squats.


The leg press is a helpful workout for those who might have trouble with squat placement. Work with your trainer to identify the appropriate weights, reps, and sets based on your present activity levels to build a solid strength foundation.


This exercise is excellent for increasing explosiveness. The crucial part is that you must RELEASE your body off the ground and THROW the medicine ball.

How to Do It: 

  1. Hold a medicine ball at chest height while standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Quickly lower yourself to parallel 
  3. Explosively spring straight up and hurl the medicine ball above your head as high as you can.
  4. Set the medicine ball down, take it up, and repeat steps 1-3 for the specified number of reps.

For athletes who need to strengthen their lower body power and improve their vertical leaping abilities, squat jumping is a fantastic exercise.

How to accomplish it:

Load with an arm swing while lowering your shoulders, but not as far as you would for a broad leap because it would be too heavy.


Barbell curls are an excellent exercise to develop and build strength and power for your arms, notably your biceps and forearms.

How to do it:

  1. a) To begin, stand up straight with your upper body while gripping a barbell at shoulder width. Your hands should be held with the palms facing front and your elbows near your trunk.
  2. b) Curl the barbell forward while keeping your upper arms stationary and contract your biceps as you exhale.



Overconsumption of processed, high-fat, or high-sugar foods can result in weariness and nutrient deficiencies. People should constantly make an effort to ensure they get the recommended daily intake of nutrients. Energy levels can be increased by eating wholesome, energizing foods. 


Exercise can increase hormone levels, such as the energy-boosting hormones testosterone and adrenalin, which are raised by physical activity.

Low energy might make finding the motivation to exercise more difficult, although exercise has many positive health effects. Regular exercise can also increase the quantity and quality of sleep.


Many people don’t get enough sleep or enough sleep of high quality. A person’s energy can be considerably increased by spending more time and effort on obtaining enough sleep and practicing excellent sleep hygiene, such as going to bed at a regular hour. People should try to get 7-8 hours of restful sleep each night.


Specific low-energy issues affect women at particular points in their lives. Hormonal changes may cause fatigue.

B. Pregnant women: Iron-deficiency anemia may be the cause of fatigue. Pregnant women require more iron, so consult your doctor and take any vitamins they suggest.


The basis of good health has a healthy stomach. We will also feel sluggish if our digestive system is slow. Getting the minerals we require from our diet depends significantly on how we eat. Going back to the fundamentals and chewing your food while eating slowly and attentively will help you get the most out of nutrient-rich meals while promoting healthy digestion.

By reaching middle age, many women would be on restrictive diets, controlling their calories or calculating calories for more than 20 years. Obtain the nutrients you require. Iron and specific nutrients like vitamin B are essential for energy generation.


How much energy you have is influenced by your diet, how much exercise you do, how much sleep you get, and – to some extent — by your genes. Reduce your intake of highly processed meals or alcohol, and tobacco for a better life.

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