The Best Lawyer for Inheritance Disputes in Lahore, Pakistan

Lawyer for Inheritance Disputes in Pakistan

It is very difficult to find real estate lawyers in Pakistan, especially good ones. One of the biggest markets in Pakistan right now is real estate. Prices in the real estate sector (and the prices of lawyers in certain areas such as Lahore, Karachi, Gwadar, etc.) are rising every week and land disputes are common in this part of the world.

As in all developing countries, Pakistan is a minefield for Lawyers for Inheritance Disputes law and practice unless the wrong real estate lawyer is handling your case. This is where Voices for Justice can help you because we only hire the best lawyers.

What do our real estate lawyers who handle land litigation in Pakistan do?

Our experts have years of experience in handling

Landlord-tenant disputes (but not only)

Disputes between tenants and landlords

Tenant-landlord disputes between landlords and tenants

Preparation of relevant contracts

Preparation of preliminary infringement reports

Walls and boundary disputes

Eviction of non-residents

Securing the right to remain in the property

Property owner compliance

Sending and collecting rents from unpaid tenants.

Carrying out the sale/renovation/distribution of property in accordance with the statutes of the housing association

Distribution of sold properties

Ensuring that children receive their inheritance rights fairly.

Termination of unlawful possession of the property.

Claiming possession of the property

Division of property in the event of divorce/fraud

Resolving maintenance problems during construction

Filing compensation and damages cases

Challenging false registrations/deals

Verification of land ownership

Assisting overseas Pakistanis in their cases in Pakistan

Assisting clients to purchase land from beneficiaries

Jivi/mortgage issues

Preparation of property sale/exchange/inheritance documents and applications

Out-of-court settlement of land disputes

How to contact the right real estate lawyer in Pakistan?

Our expert property lawyers will analyze your case and advise you on the best course of action based on your current case and desired outcome. Again, our panel works on a ‘voice of justice fixed fee’ basis, which means you get the most affordable and professional service possible.

To find out more, download our online advocacy and legal services app here or search for “voice of justice” in the Google Play store. Once installed, upload your query/case/question, and one of our trusted and vetted legal experts will respond.