Dark Collar Arms Adjustable Pistol Holster (APS)

Not a shoulder stock, not a gun support, the pristine Black Collar Arms APS — Adjustable Pistol Support. Is a level movable rest intended to help an accuracy gun on a seat, ground, or other surface. It’s a pristine classification of back frill for guns and is undeniably fit to enormous, exact guns. It will be accessible first in a cinch on plan for gun cushion cylinders and whatever acknowledges a. GHW Tailhook MOD 1 (fits round tubes from 1.17″ to 1.20″ in width).

Dark Collar Arms APS is intended to help the back of your enormous organization gun on any strong surface and offers you around 3-creeps of vertical travel for exact focal point change. The principal Custom Leather holsters model as referenced above will be a clasp on plan that will fit any AR-15 style gun cradle tube. The APS likewise includes a QD sling attachment on one side of the clasp, can acknowledge Atlas bipod-viable feet, and is produced using 6061 aluminum with a Type III hard coat anodized finish in either FDE or Black.

Made in Texas by Black Collar Arms, the Adjustable Pistol Support is accessible for either $149.95 for the dark anodized rendition or $184.95 for the Pistol adaptation. You may be telling yourself “Stand by a moment! that is close to however much an expense stamp!” While you’d be right. That would, sadly, transform your enormous configuration gun into a SBR. And keeping in mind that that may be cool for that one single gun turned rifle. Not at all like the APS. Your duty stamp isn’t transferrable to different guns. Tell us your thought process of the new APS down in the remarks underneath!

This previous July fourth my companion Victor gained admittance to an assortment of firearms. My companion Kythe and I followed along to look at them and shoot them obviously. I was more keen Custom shoulder holsters on recording some automatic weapons in sluggish movement so we chose a couple of firearms to fire and film. We chose to zero in on slo-mo WWII assault rifles and a Luger gun. I figured recording the switch activity on the Luger in sluggish movement would be enjoyable.


The Luger P08 astonished me with the fact that it was so difficult to control the gag climb. At the point when the Luger fires, the barrel slides back a little and afterward the. Switch interface raises a ruckus around town part of the casing. This causes force and gag climb. I think it is exacerbated by the switch connect moving upwards. The barrel and bolt close while the gun is at its gag climb apogee.