8 Types of Bubble Soccer Games


Bubble Bump or Bubble Soccer is a favorite team-building game. It has certainly left many people with big smiles. It is a high energy teambuilding game that engages everyone in your team.

Bubble Bump, although it may seem like a tough game at first glance, is actually a great tool to help you break away from work formalities and professionalism. Start playing the various games and you’ll find that laughter and fun ensues. These are some Bubble Soccer games that you can play in your suit.

What Is A “Bubble Ball”?

A bubble ball is large-sized ball used in sports and entertainment. This bubble-like plastic ball will be slid across your body. Airflow is made easy by the fact that it is both open at the top as well as at the bottom.

8 Types of Bubble Soccer Games

1.      Bubble Bump VIP

Divide your team into 2 teams. One member of Team 1 will be designated as the VIP and the rest will serve the role of bodyguards. As the VIP’s bodyguard, you must protect them as you move towards the other side of the court. On the other side, Team 2 will rush towards the VIP and attempt to push him or her away.

2.      Bubble Bump Invasion

This game’s title speaks for itself. There will be two teams inside the rectangular boxes that make up their “homes”. The whistle will sound and players from both teams will run towards one another.

3.      Team Domination

Simple last team standing wins. The goal is to knock down the opposing team as quickly as possible.

4.      Sharks and Minnows

This game has been called many different names. Our team debated on the best name. We originally called this face-paced, fast-paced game “wolf wolf What Time is it”, but it quickly became clear that sharks or minnows are more recognizable.

  1. Bubble Ball Team Race

This isn’t a game where you run in a bubble suit. First, set up the start/finish line. Then divide the participants into different groups. Each group selects two players to race as one team. One player gets in the bubble ball and is rolled by the other to the finish. The other player then gets in the ball and is rolled again to the starting line. The cycle continues until the entire group participates. The winner of the competition is the first group to finish.

  1. Bubble Ball Somersault Race

A giant, bouncing balloon on your head can make it easy to do somersaults. Playing somersault is fun with inflatable bumper bags. All players stand at the start and perform forward somersaults towards the finish line. The bubble balls are on their heads.

  1. Bubble Ball Ninja Crawl

This bubble ball game is very similar to the Leaps N Bounds. To make two lines of inflatable bubble balls, place them on the ground. Two players climb on top of the inflatable bubble balls to try and clear their lines.

8.   Bubble ball President

Each team has one president. Their president must be protected from being knocked down by other members of the team. Members of a team who are knocked over can be helped to their feet and allowed to continue playing.


These Bubble Soccer games are great for team building and can make a great addition in company events. The giant bubble suit is a must-have for anyone who has ever tried bubble ball. Sun joy Inflatable’s is available to customize inflatables for different teams.