Padel Rackets UK Statistics 2022

Padel Rackets UK is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and will grow in popularity in the UK in the coming year’s thanks to the LTA’s recent commitment to growing the sport in the UK. So, to give you a better idea of ​​how big the sport really is, we’ve collected the most important statistics from the world of padel. Padel statistics short version.

Here are the main facts and figures about padel tennis.

Padel is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, with over 25 million players in over 90 countries.
The term “padel” is searched 968,000 times a month worldwide.
Italy has the most interest in the online Padel Rackets UK and is responsible for 180,000 searches per month for the search term “padel”. There are 60,700 online searches for “paddle rackets” worldwide every month.

World Padel Statistics 2022

As far as sports are concerned, padel is a very modern game. However, since its invention in Mexico in 1969, the sport has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Here are some statistics about padel tennis around the world.

According to FIP (International Padel Federation), more than 25 million people play padel in more than 90 countries around the world.
The FIP also recognizes 300,000 federal padel players.
Spain has over 6 million active padel players and over 20,000 padel courts, making it the second most popular sport in Spain after soccer.
As of February 2022, there are over 5,000 paddle tennis courts in Italy.
Argentina has more than 2 million padel players and more than 4,900 padel courts.
Padel is also popular in Sweden, with 500,000 people playing the sport across the country.
It is estimated that by 2021, around 15,000 new courts of law will be registered in Europe.
To better understand people’s interest in padel and not only on the court, we also analyzed the number of online searches for the term “padel” via KW Finder. According to our research.

Globally, Padel Rackets UK is searched for an average of 968,000 searches per month.
Italy has the most interest in Padel with 180,000 monthly searches. This is less than 19% of the total number of search queries worldwide.
Unsurprisingly, Spain is also extremely interested in the sport, with 149,000 searches per month for padel. That’s more than 15% of global search queries.
Interestingly, the Netherlands is the third most popular country, responsible for 74,000 monthly online searches for the word “panel” (almost 8% of global searches).
The UK accounts for just 1.27% of global padel online searches, although the sport is relatively new to the UK.

Padel in Great Britain

Padel Rackets UK is taking the UK by storm and has come a long way from the nearly 3,000 players and 20 courts it had in 2018. Since the LTA first focused on developing the sport in the UK in 2019, padel tennis has grown significantly. According to the latest data.

As of November 2021, there are currently 89,000 active padel players in the UK.
There are 155 padel courts (93 indoor, 62 outdoor) in 70 locations in the UK.
The LTA plans to have 400 padel courts in the UK by 2021.
Padel courts near me in the UK have raided an average of 780 times a month.

Professional rowing statistics

When it comes to professional padel, things get a little more complicated. There are currently two professional padel tours: the FIP Tour, organized by the official governing body of padel tennis (the International Padel Tennis Federation) and the World Padel Tour, run by Spanish brewer C.C. A dam outside the federal zone.

But no matter where you fall in the rankings, professional padel tennis is largely dominated by Spaniards.

As of April 2022, there are 1,264 male players classified as professionals and 596 female players registered on the International Padel Federation website. Of the top 100 players in the FIP rankings, 73 of the top 100 players are men and 72 of the top 100 are women (as of April 2022).

Of course, the rise of the sport recreationally is also driving more interest in professional padel. In 2021, the official YouTube channel of the World Padel Tour recorded an average of 2.3 million live viewers per tournament (up 43% compared to 2020) and on-demand content up 36%. This inspired World Padel Tour TV, which attracted 225,000 active users in its first two months.