10 Sales Strategies To Boost Your Online Business

Sales strategies are the set of tools and techniques that you can use to increase the commercial success of your business. With them, it is possible to sell more, retain customers, and get to know users better to cover each of their needs.

In the business world, obtaining the best economic results is one of the main objectives. It is necessary to know and implement specific processes, strategies, and practices that allow you to strengthen your brand.

How to make a sales strategy?

Regardless of the product, service, or channel, these four elements are usually present when designing and implementing sales strategies :

1. Know your consumer

It may seem obvious, but believe it or not, it is very common for salespeople to fail because they do not keep the focus on their customers.

When you offer a product or service in the market, it is essential to have knowledge about your target audience. Only then will you be able to bet on assertive sales techniques.

Therefore, try to obtain as much information as possible about your client. This way, your focus, and attention will be more personalized based on what he is looking for and the benefits of the solution you offer him.

2. I understood the need of your client

To guarantee an adequate approach, you have to present your product or service as the best option for the consumer. But beware! You will only be able to do it if you understand your need.

Therefore, we recommend that you pay close attention to your client. Everything he says can be used in your approach.

3. Explore the advantages of your product or service

Knowing your product is as important as knowing your customer. Therefore, it is key to keep the strengths of what you are offering and explore those benefits.

Focus on the advantages that your product offers. You can make a short video to demonstrate what benefits your users can get from your product. This will make your proposal more solid and can make a difference in the purchase decision.

Tips: Tools like FlexClip and Magisto can help you create this kind of product video quickly.

4. Identify possible objections

An essential part of knowing your product well involves anticipating potential drawbacks. During a negotiation, you have to be prepared to face the doubts and insecurities of the consumer. Otherwise, you can lose a sale due to a lack of arguments.

To avoid this, we suggest you create a list of concerns that your product or service may raise along with their responses. For example, if a consumer is unsure about the quality of an item you are selling, explain the manufacturing process, the materials used, or the average durability.

Sales strategies in e-commerce

In the digital market, betting on aggressive conversion techniques can be somewhat challenging, but with the right practices, it is possible to achieve good results.

When we talk about sales in e-commerce, digital marketing strategies must be taken into account so that your brand maintains a healthy growth curve.

In the chapter we present to you below, we list a dozen actions you can apply in your e-commerce.

10 keys to boosting sales in your online store

We share these ten tips that will help you with sales strategies for your online store :

1. Create a sense of urgency

Surely you’ve ever searched for a product on the internet and come across messages like “Last piece available” or “Few items in stock,” right? The urgency conveyed can be very effective in converting a sale.

This type of strategy also works in promotions. For example, including in your store phrases such as “Buy now and get $200 pesos off” or “Promotion valid only for 24 hours” can create the sense of urgency that the consumer needs to define himself for the purchase.

2. Work with segmented campaigns

Marketing campaigns can be effective if you separate your customers into groups. To get it right, think of them based on their behavior in your store.

With this information, you can create different campaigns for each segment and send the most appropriate message to each one. Thus, you will have more chances to increase your conversion rate.

3. Use social media strategically

Social networks have proven to be great allies of e-commerce, and there is no doubt about it! But it is important to know how to make the best use of these tools for the benefit of your business.

Before investing in actions on social networks, you have to understand in which channels your target audience is concentrated. This is very (very) important for the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Once you define in which social networks you are going to be present, take advantage of the advantages of each one. For example, Instagram has very attractive formats to publicize your products, such as:

Instagram Stories


Instagram Shopping

4. Have an online chat

In e-commerce, it is very common to find anxious or rushed customers. As this business model does not have the face-to-face service of physical stores, online chat (also known as a chatbot ) comes in handy to provide the support that consumers need.

For example, tools like Cliengo, Messenger, or WhatsApp Business can help you offer a fast and efficient service. In many cases, good technical support can be the key to making a sale.

5. Offer excellent customer service

Building on the hook from the previous tip, it’s important to think of customer service as a sales strategy.

A customer’s buying experience involves other factors in addition to the product or service: the contact with the seller also has weight in the purchase decision.

Cordiality, agility, and empathy are factors that guarantee customer satisfaction. And without a doubt, this can contribute to their decision to buy.

6. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective sales techniques used by e-commerce companies. Through it, you can create campaigns for specific groups of customers and send personalized messages.

This practice is usually quite assertive when well planned. With a list system, you can send specific materials for each type of client.

7. Install an available product alert

In electronic commerce, some tools can be very useful to help increase your sales. One of them is the available product alert.

What is this about? It works like this: if a potential customer accesses your store and finds the product they want, but you don’t have stock, they can ask you to notify them when it is available again.

Many cloud stores use the Stock Notifications app, which automatically sends an email to customers who requested the alert. So you don’t miss out on any sales!

8. Try loyalty programs

Through specific tools, you can design marketing strategies for your online store that aim to build customer loyalty.

For example: “If you buy two products, the third one goes as a gift!” or “With your purchase, today, get free shipping for your next order!” etc. When it comes to creating promotions, the sky is the limit.

9. Recover abandoned carts

This sales strategy is one of the most effective in e-commerce because it deals directly with leads (potential customers) with high conversion potential. Why? Because they already showed interest in your product! And they need one more push to define themselves for the purchase.

10. Apply cross-selling and up-selling actions

Cross-selling, or cross-selling, consists of offering customers products related to the item they want to buy.

In e-commerce, it is a very popular practice and tends to increase the average store receipt. This functionality is usually activated on both the product pages and the shopping cart page.

In general, related products appear at the bottom of the screen as the ideal complement to the item that the customer wants to purchase. For example, if you’re shopping for a pair of women’s shoes, a related item might be a belt or purse in the same color.

On the other hand, up-selling works basically as a suggestion to improve the product, just before the purchase is made. How is this? The buyer selects a product, and if the system identifies that there is a similar item but of higher quality or quantity, it is indicated through a pop-up (notification) on the page at that very moment.

Both marketing strategies have a high effectiveness rate because they approach the consumer at a decisive moment of purchase. Therefore, this is an excellent practice if you want to increase your business’s sales.


Working with sales is a great challenge. But with well-designed strategies and the right approach, positive results are possible.