Isuzu N / F-Series Euro 6 to debut in May!

We have recently received an invitation from Mobil Isuzu Taipei to launch the Euro 6 on May 10th, bringing the NPR and NQR models of the N-Series, as well as the FRR 11-ton and FVR 15-ton and 18.5-ton models of the F-Series.

For the F-Series models, the Euro 6 Phase 6 will get a new front-end design with new headlamps, a new front bumper and sharper air intakes, as well as new LED daytime running lights on both sides of the vehicle.

The interior has also been updated with a new three-spoke steering wheel with airbags and a fully digital centre dashboard with a new colour scheme and a 2.4″ or 4″ LCD screen in the centre. In terms of safety performance, the car is equipped with a high-resolution LDWS lane drift camera with two levels of sensitivity, which can alert the driver with a warning sound or icon, and AEBS active braking, which uses a radar and camera to sense the vehicle in front of it, with five levels of distance detection adjustment to complete the driving protection.

The 11- and 15-ton models are powered by a 5.2-litre 4HK16H-C common-rail diesel engine, which is one step lower in overall displacement than the five-phase model, and delivers a 10% increase in torque to 764Nm, while maintaining a maximum power of 240ps / 2,400rpm. The 6HK1 engine has been retuned to 275ps / 2,400rpm and a 30% increase in torque to 100.1kgm / 1,450rpm for the 18.5 tonne model, and the factory claims that the engine can produce over 81.6kgm (800Nm) of torque 50% of the time, enhancing the overall dynamic performance. The transmission system is available on all models, with the 11- and 15-tonne models using the NEES gearbox and the 18.5-tonne model using the Allison gearbox.

Isuzu has yet to reveal pricing information for the Euro 6, but we will continue to track and bring you first-hand news.

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