What to Look for When Hiring a Privatdetektiv in Schweiz?

Hiring a privatdetektiv in Schweiz has become a standard norm in the last few years. There are many reasons behind it, including checking the background of potential employees, pre-marriage investigations, company fraud investigations, etc. Both corporates and individual clients choose to hire these investigators. For the best results, hiring the best professional is always recommended. Like any other professionals, private investigators also specialise in specific areas of investigations. So, always choose someone who has ample experience in the field relevant to your requirements. Here we discuss several important points to look for while making your decision.

Experience and Background of the Detective

It is always good to work with someone who has adequate experience in the relevant field. So, when you hire, check whether they have carried out similar investigations before and ask them about their experience.

For example, if the case is complicated, the investigator must have in-depth knowledge of law enforcement. It will make them go deeper into the matter. Before they start working for you, you can have several discussion sessions.

Client Testimonials

When hiring a Swiss private eye from an agency, always ask the agency for client reviews. Looking at those testimonials will give you a brief idea of their reputation. Because the hired investigator will handle some of your sensitive information, there must be a sense of trust among you two. It will not be possible if you do not know how their clients see them. That is where reading client reviews prove beneficial.

Clear Pricing

Hiring a private investigator requires paying a decent amount of money. You will always want the payment amount to be within your estimated budget. So, before you hire them, make sure to fix a budget and inform your investigator. It will help you both set the expectations.

Different factors may influence the costs. So, it is necessary to reach an agreement on the pricing terms before the procedure starts. While many professionals charge hourly rates, some of them have flat rates. Regardless of the amount, you must receive a clear frame.

Experienced investigators may charge higher but ensure credible results.


When you have clear objectives, it will be easier for the investigator to design a schedule for the assignment and work accordingly. So, it is important that you set clear objectives and provide them with guidelines to follow whenever necessary.

You can draft a contract that mentions all the responsibilities to be fulfilled and your expectations and objectives.

Choose the Best Detective Firm in Your Area

Regardless of your case, you will always want the best results. So, you must choose a privatdetektiv from the best Schweiz-based firm. The tips discussed here will undoubtedly help you find the best professional in the industry.


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