Top Web Design Trends You Should Know about In 2022

Today, keeping your website design up-to-date and eye-pleasing tells that you are putting your best efforts into the future of your company. Just like you are updating the furniture in your office or repainting a building, you should give the same attention to your business’s online presence by updating your web site’s design and improving user experience (UX). The pandemic of COVID-19 has brought a change in the digital design world. It put us in our homes that pushed us toward the digital world. 

Furthermore, the importance of web design cannot be ignored. Web designers have to put their efforts into a website’s loading speed, interactivity, visual ability, and safe browsing. And, they will quickly detect the disappearance of a website from the first page of Google.

Web creators and designers have settled multiple trends by discovering several ways of communication that can increase the level of consumer engagement. This includes innovative typographic art, unique color schemes, and 3D simulations for online buyers.

Below, we have discussed the top website trends in 2022 that will help you get an engaging and eye-pleasing website design.

Video Content on Home-Page

Using a video on your home page is the best way to engage your visitors at the moment when they land on the page. Video attracts your audience and helps them know about your brand before they further scroll down the page. High-quality video content tells the user about the business instantly. Videos make the difficult matter easier and more understandable than words and make a boring topic more understandable and alive.

Also, according to a report from several industry professionals and a local SEO agencies, video content is 95% more memorable as compared to words. To make the highest amount of engagement, your video should be made up of two minutes.

Usage of Light Colors

Using minimalist color in a website’s design is one of 2022’s best web design trends. Bold, bright, saturated colors help your website be unique and stay away from the competition. The screen’s sharpness can cause such colors to be overbearing and stressful for your eye to have a look at it. On the other hand, using light colors in the website design improve the website visitors’ visual experience. Also, light color is convincing for the people to stay on your website.


The importance of mobile-responsive web design has now clear than ever. Web designers will focus on creating a website’s mobile version prior to its desktop version. And, the reason behind this is the usage of the smartphone has become common across the world and it is expected to be increased more in 2022, and internet usage is expected to increase even more than desktop usage. Mobile responsiveness will be no longer an option because of newer and more impressive mobile technologies that are regularly being released. Without it, a website’s Google rankings will be affected, SEO will take a hit your website will be de-ranked.

For that reason, more and more people are turning to local SEO agencies and professionals to compete in this ever-evolving digital world. 

Chatbots will become a Necessity

Chatbots are an Artificial Intelligent technology that has been popular for the recent few years, it is more likely to become a basic part of any e-commerce website in 2022 and beyond. With this technology, your customers can ask the basic queries related to your business and chatbots will answer all the questions regarding their orders, registrations, account restorations, product prices, types, and others. Chatbots can serve customer support 24/7 which can lead to making a positive impact on your business and your customers. Also, Chatbot can save you time and the cost you may pay to the support staff.

Design with Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are used to make a website full of life and it helps to create a memorable user experience. It is also known as UI animation, micro-interactions are being predicted as they will have a big impact on website design in upcoming years. Examples of micro-interactions include buttons that become highlighted or grow larger when you hover your mouse cursor over them. When integrated well into a web design, entertainingly helps guide website visitors.

Right after when e-commerce industry has been revolutionized. Companies that provide digital design solutions are becoming more focusing on providing a better experience on a website that can engage its visitors and convinces them to take an action to complete the sale process. In summary, if you want your website to be on the top, you need to be aligned with the web designing trends that will help you provide an excellent customer experience.

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