Check Out The Best Use Of Cartesian Robot

The Cartesian robot comes in handy for industrial use mostly. The three-dimensional feature of the cartesian robot makes it accessible for a wide range of use. Since it moves on three orthogonal axes, it performs coordinated motion with a single motion controller. The cartesian robot finds its use in various industries. It can be used in the logistics industry for automotive, food, and packaging manufacturing. Sounds Exciting, then check out the best features used in various industries. 

  • Best Over Others

Compared to other robots in use, such as the articulated robot arm and SCANA robot, the cartesian robot offers a cube-shaped workspace. The workspace provided by cartesian robots makes it flexible and faster to pick items. The easy calculation of the coordinates makes it possible to set up things accordingly. The much more straightforward workplace analysis makes it easier for the cartesian robot to accomplish the task per the target. 

  • High Payload

The gantry cartesian robots have multiple meters long robot arms, thus widening the workspace. A 3-axis linear, cartesian robot is suitable for loading and unloading up to 10kgs. 

  • Expanded Robot Operating Range 

The cartesian robot caters to the needs and requirements of the industry. It is widely used in industries for ick and placing items, labeling, processing, and other processes. It is mainly used to speed up the process with precision with impeccable return on investment. 

  • Energy conservation

Cartesian robots are considered suitable for use for heavy payloads. But, the energy consumption doesn’t exceed the anticipated limit. The faster speed and acceleration shrink the electricity fee by half. 

  • Long Term Use

The controllers can work in tandem with the master controller. Fitted with motor drivers and other elements that are regulated and controlled by the master controller makes it work efficiently. The motor and the controller make it a user-friendly digital interface. 

  • Faster Acceleration and Deceleration

It can be controlled with any controller, thus eliminating the need for a PLC solution for operation. It may work in conjunction with a variety of drive mechanisms. The mechanical structure has simplified the robot arm solution. For a 3-D space, it is highly dependable and precise. Such a rigid system and straight-line movement allow it to use heavy loads. 


Parting Words

Cartesian robots offer unique and distinctive features to industrialists. The broad spectrum of compelling features makes it apt for picking and placing, material handling, loading, and unloading, CNC machine tooling, palletizing and depalletizing, product placement, storing and retrieving, etc. The dynamic use of cartesian robots helps to simplify the operation line of production at industries and firms. So, scale up your business by introducing a cartesian robot in your production line to achieve targeted goals within time. 


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