Beginner’s Guide: Writing A Book From Scratch

For seasoned authors, writing a book from scratch may seem easy. However, for beginner authors, it may be a daunting challenge. This is why this blog is intended for beginner authors. It is intended to give them a brief overview of how to start and how write their first book. It not only touches on the basic steps but also gives a review of the tools needed to write a book.

So let’s begin with the tips to write a book as a beginner. 

Define Your Topic

First of all, one of the main points when writing a book is to be clear about the topic, that is, what you want to tell and what audience you are going to address.

If you are not clear about this section, any attempt to write will not have the expected results. The most advisable thing is that you think about topics that you are passionate about and above all, those that fill you with truth, while you value their importance and their need for your target audience. It is very necessary that you flow with your ideas while you think and write.

Choose the Time to Write & Stick to it

Writing a book is like a long-distance race, so you have to have very well planned the gaps in which you can start to develop this task with optimal results. In general, two hours a day is not enough according to most professional authors, since it is best to invest between 4 and 5 hours each day to write a good volume of words.

As for the most productive times of the day, there are writers who prefer to use the morning, since, in the first hours of the day, the brain is more rested after having slept. However, others get more inspiration at night, not having any distractions or noise from their daily lives.


It is also convenient that you write down, in a notebook or on your computer, all the contents that you want to include in your book so that they serve as a reference for possible secondary topics that you want to talk about. You never know when you are going to have a burst of creativity and, therefore, you cannot be caught off guard and those ideas remain in the pipeline.

In addition, another trick that can come in handy is that you record small audio notes on your mobile phone every time you have a new idea. You can let yourself be guided by the different tips to write a book that people in the sector or your environment can give you.

However, if you don’t feel like writing your own book yourself, you can then always hire eBook writers or ghostwriters to get your task done. 

Testing and Feedback

A test to assess whether your work will be well received after publication is to send it to other professionals in the sector, including grammar experts, and to members of your closest circle. It is important that you limit the time of this phase because if you do not, it can take longer than necessary. In a couple of months, you will have enough to receive the different points of view and correct the book in the semantic aspects.

Find a Publisher

In general, not self-publishing does not usually work well unless you are a character of national or international relevance, and your followers buy each of your works on a regular basis. The rest of the authors who choose to become the editors of their own books, it is because they have not reached an agreement with a publisher or because, directly, they have not bothered to look for it.

The most interesting thing is that you have a publisher that supports your work and wants to include your book in its catalog, representing it in the publishing field for many months.

Publishers usually take between 2 and 6 months to give you a response to your request for publication of the submitted manuscript. It is quite recommended not to focus solely on one publisher and send it to as many as possible. Also, if you get a good agreement, the final corrections, the layout, the cover, and the rest of the elements that make up your work, will be at your expense.


Once you have the manuscript of your finished book, you can register the authorship of the work in the corresponding body of your city. This process is very important to certify that the work is original and you are its owner, becoming, from that moment, part of the wide community of authors. Whether you hire eBook writers or ghostwriters, make sure you keep the entire ownership of your book. 

Hopefully, your guide will help you get started with your dream to become a writer.

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