7 Important Things To Carry On A Adventure Trip

Now and then, you would want to satisfy your adventurous side and go on a trip somewhere remote. While traveling can be a fun and thrilling experience, It can sometimes be very stressful. Traveling requires a lot of preparation in terms of reconnaissance and planning of the trip, as well as packing for the journey itself. 


If you are a frequent traveler, you have been on a trip only to realize that there is that one thing you forgot to carry. It is often one of those things you probably did not think you would need since you hardly ever need it at home. This article is for you if you have ever had an “I wish I carried that” moment. Here is a checklist of the seven most important things to carry on an adventure trip. 


  • Compass and a Physical Map of The Area 

While these two items might seem a bit old school since new technology has phased away the necessity of having a physical map or compass, they come in handy for adventure trips. Most locations you can enjoy when going for an adventurous trip are in the most remote places in any country. The problem with most remote areas is that they are often under-served in cell service. As such, you cannot rely on mobile apps to give you a sense of direction. Preparation is vital when traveling. Thus, having an elaborate map and a compass would be what keeps you from getting lost. Additionally, if you plan an adventure trip, you must check out the outdoor adventure subscription box. For instance, the BattlBox Survival Subscription boxes come with various high-grade devices and equipment such as VHF and UHF radios, flashlights, and compasses, which will work well for you in terms of moving around. 


  • First Aid Kit 

Believe it or not, first aid kits are one of the essential things you should carry as you begin to travel around on an adventure trip. While adventures are often amusing and exhilarating, the risks of the adventure probably increase its allure. Experiences such as hiking and mountain climbing have a significant amount of risk. Thus, it would be best if you were adequately prepared in case of any injuries you may experience during your travels. 

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For a first aid kit to serve you, it must have all the requisite components. These include band-aids, iodine solutions, painkillers, antihistamines, and loperamide tablets. You should also have antacid medication if you develop stomach problems on the trip. 


  • A Universal Travel Power Adapter

When traveling worldwide, you might find yourself in a position where the power cables you have are incompatible with the wall units of your lodging facility or location. In most cases, power outlets in the US are different from those of other countries worldwide. As such, you will need a power adapter to ensure you can use your local electric devices. While you may think of buying a power adapter in the country you are traveling to, why not get one at home and prepare yourself for any contingencies that may arise? 


  • Power Bank

While still on the topic of electricity and power, make sure that you have a power bank at hand when traveling. Mobile devices have a limited power supply. Most mobile phones can only hold power for roughly one day at a time when not in consistent use. Thus, when going on a travel adventure, always ensure that you have a power bank to avoid a situation where your mobile devices go off. 


  • Reusable Water Bottle

An adequate water supply is your best friend when going on an adventure trip. Relying on external water supplies is often not a good idea since you may get to a place where water is scarce or unsuitable for drinking. Additionally, buying bottled water may not be ideal because of the costs and the toll disposable plastic bottles have on the environment. Thus, carrying a reusable water bottle and refilling it when you come to a good water supply will ensure that you are hydrated and ready for any trip. 

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  • Snacks

Let’s face it. Walking around when traveling requires a lot of energy. When going on adventure trips, you may get to a place where you cannot get a good place to eat, such as a mountain or a forest. Having snacks will be the best bet to ensure you are well-nourished in such areas. 

Since you are unlikely to have an efficient storage facility when traveling, your best bet would be getting canned and processed foods with a longer shelf life. 


  • Binoculars

Binoculars are a must-have for any person going on an adventure trip. For most adventure trips, you want to explore the area and go where the tide leads you. What better way to look around the area to know where you want to go next or how much the site offers than to have binoculars handy? The good thing about binoculars is that you do not need to have military-grade binoculars. The standard binoculars with a good scope would serve you well. 

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 Parting Shot 

Going on an adventure trip is only fun if you can enjoy the moment while it lasts. Worrying about what to carry and whether you have everything you need will distract you from enjoying the adventure. Therefore, aside from all the basic things, you are good to go if you have the seven items listed above. 

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