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Predatory Pricing: What It Is, How It Works, & What It Looks Like


In this article read about Predatory Pricing , Choosing strategic price points to leverage a product- or service-based market about competition is known as competitive pricing. You may maximise revenues while upholding positive relationships with your clients by setting the appropriate pricing for your goods or services.

While competitive pricing can be advantageous for consumers, predatory pricing ultimately only serves to profit the businesses that adopt it in the long run.

The business cannot be improved by just increasing and decreasing prices. With the help of Creysto, you can gain insightful information about your sales performance, pinpointing areas for improvement and enhancing your market-positioning tactics. You can use a crm tool to manage the sales.


What is predatory pricing?

Predatory pricing is undercutting rivals and gaining an unfair competitive advantage by charging less than it costs. Predatory pricing is done to clear the competition and set up obstacles to entering new competitors.

Low prices and losing money could drive the new company out of existence. The existing monopoly may have sufficient savings to finance a pricing war, while the newly established firm is more vulnerable because of the high entry-level financing costs.


The Impact of Predatory Pricing on an Industry

While predatory pricing occasionally benefits consumers with extremely low costs for a short period, it also drives out competitors and hurts consumers over the long term.

Short term effect

Customers win temporarily from predatory pricing, but over time it hurts all industry businesses. Predatory pricing causes businesses to offer products at a loss, which lowers profits across the board. Businesses unable to absorb the loss would struggle and lose many clients.

The few businesses that have a chance of surviving are forced to take significant losses due to one company’s aggressive pricing practices. Those unable to lower their prices will see a drop in sales and incur losses. Their clients will migrate to low-cost products as a result of pricing discrepancies.

While the dominating firm will maintain its dominance by driving its rivals out of the market, this enormous price reduction will be tremendously advantageous for consumers in the short term.


Long term effect

The remaining company can raise prices and make up lost revenue after rivals are driven out. Lack of competition will probably result in a decline in product quality. The customer unwilling to pay the excessive pricing is losing options because no substitute products are available.

Long-term price increases affect customers. However, the still business can earn profit from the increase in pricing. Product quality may decline with increased costs and fewer options. Customers consequently encounter a decline in the quality of a good or service in addition to price rises. Share your business feedback with us.

How does Predatory Pricing work?

Predatory pricing is a two-step procedure that starts with a predation stage and ends with a recoupment stage to boost profits.


Predation is the first stage, in which the dominant firm delivers a good or service below cost, lowering the firm’s short-term profitability.

When a company lowers its pricing, it will draw in current and new customers, forcing other businesses to do the same. The company will keep lowering its pricing, and as a result, other businesses will eventually have to shut down since they cannot make a profit at such low prices.

This price reduction puts smaller companies and new entrants at risk of going out of business, forcing the market for those goods or services to adjust to the new, lower price as a means of establishing an equilibrium.

This pricing strategy discourages new competitors and makes it challenging for them to overcome barriers to entry. This prevents the typical competitive market from setting fair prices for consumers and retailers.



The second step is called “recoupment,” in which the dominating firm readjusts the prices of its goods and services to eventually make up for its losses. Once there is less rivalry and, the company achieves its goals, it readjusts its rates to the market’s remaining rivals.

The readjusted prices are noticeably much higher than the earlier prices. Due to the lack of alternatives, this approach significantly harms the final consumers.

Customers may feel pressured by this price increase because they are now required to accept it without the option of a lower price from the competition.

While raising prices during the recoupment stage can improve profit, it does not guarantee business growth. CREYSTO platform is the one that may assist you if you want to increase the effectiveness of your sales process and your overall business growth.

The CREYSTO offers several functions, including the feature to track client interactions and sales history so that you can modify pricing and other aspects of your business to better your sales.


Examples of Predatory Pricing

The following are some instances of how predatory pricing appears.


One of the best cases of a monopoly being established by predatory pricing is Amazon is the biggest seller of both physical and digital books and also sells other goods and services.

Let’s use Amazon as an example of exploitative pricing. The e-commerce company can acquire a book for $20 and sell it for 15%, which other companies cannot do because you need a significant budget.

This was regarded as predatory pricing because the company could increase sales, drive out competitors, and establish dominance in the market.


The Walmart and Target drug pricing war

The price competition between Walmart and Target for prescription drugs in Minnesota illustrates predatory pricing strategies between two significant franchises.

In Minnesota, Walmart sold generic medications at a loss to undercut its rivals’ prices. This compelled Target Company to likewise sell the medications at a discount.

However, Minnesota state law finally compelled the business to boost its rates on a number of the medications it had initially drastically discounted.


ABC vs XYZ restaurant 

Take the following example of a restaurant:

There is a well-known eatery named ABC, which has been providing meals for a long time. Suddenly, a restaurant XYZ from another chain opened up shop nearby. Because of this, ABC became enraged and began offering meals at a discount to drive away competitors.

As a result, XYZ had to provide discounts to compete, but they could not do so for very long. This pricing concession by ABC prevented XYZ from entering the market. When ABC realised its competitors had left the market, they raised their rates to make money.



In conclusion, predatory pricing might be dangerous and expensive in the short term. But can be advantageous to the dominant businesses over the long term with monopolistic market dominance. When a business does this, it first loses money, but over time. It gains because it eliminates rivals from the market and may raise prices once more.

Customers find the first few days alluring, but the negative impacts begin soon because there is no other option for the goods and services. Thus they are forced to purchase them at the stated price.

Although predatory pricing can ensure an increase in profit, it cannot guarantee corporate expansion. With CREYSTO, you can improve your business using the capabilities the platform offers in addition to increasing sales.

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