7 Trending Italian Kitchen Designs

When you think of an Italian kitchen designs, images of large cooking areas that appear luxurious come to mind. Italian kitchen designs have evolved alongside advancements in interior design and architecture. Today, they are more concerned with giving your kitchen, regardless of size, a clutter-free, spacious, and organised appearance.

Italian Kitchen Designs | Clutter-free appearance.

Italian kitchens are highly sought after due to their clean, organised appearance and emphasis on clutter-free surfaces. If you want an Italian kitchen design for a small space, choose an open kitchen layout with a modular setup over a traditional closed kitchen. This will make your kitchen appear more spacious and open. You can keep it clean and smoke-free by installing a chimney. To maximise your storage space, choose innovative storage options such as magic corner units, tandem drawers, janitor units, and skirting drawers. The soul of Italian kitchen design is a well-organized, clutter-free cooking experience.

Italian Kitchen Designs | A Foldable Breakfast Counter

One of the best ways to get rid of clutter is to design your space around your specific needs and get rid of unnecessary items. The same idea underpins morden Italian kitchen design. So, if you live in a small apartment with a small family, you can get a foldable breakfast counter with hidden storage. It will improve the functionality of your kitchen without taking up much space. Get rid of those large dining tables that take up a lot of space. This is a fantastic hack, particularly if you don’t have a separate dining area.

Italian Kitchen Designs |  An Appliance Garage

Most Indian households keep all of their appliances/gadgets, such as microwaves, grills, and toasters, on the kitchen counter. This takes up a lot of space and leaves little room for movement. One of the best aspects of Italian kitchen design is the emphasis on leaving as much space as possible on the counter for meal preparation. “An appliance garage is a great way to keep your counter clean,” says Guha. This unit is compact and allows you to organise all of your appliances in one location. Don’t forget to install an Italian modular kitchen if you’re looking for one.

A Modular Italian Kitchen Designs With Drawers, Pull Outs, And Shutters

One of the reasons for the popularity of Italian kitchen design is its emphasis on efficient space utilisation, which provides maximum storage and a hassle-free cooking experience. To keep your kitchen clean and organised, choose from a variety of modern and efficient storage options such as oil pull-outs, spice pull-outs, pantry pull-outs, carousel units, drawers with in-built organisers, tandem drawers, and bi-fold cabinets.

A large window to allow natural light into the space

A large window is a necessary component of Italian kitchen design. Windows let in a lot of natural light and give the illusion of space, making a room appear larger than it is. A large window in the kitchen is also beneficial for ventilation and keeping the kitchen fresh. “Use muted colours for the floor and laminate finishes to maximise light reflection,” suggests Guha. This also contributes to a clean appearance in your kitchen.

Italian Kitchen Designs | An island counter that can also be used as a bar unit

If you have a large kitchen, you can add an island countertop as well! You can put your sink or stove on your island. You can also use it to create a cosy bar unit in which to entertain your guests or host a house party with your friends. Install some tall chairs on your island countertop to use it as a breakfast counter or a makeshift study counter where you can even attend work meetings while cooking. This is also beneficial for families with children, as they can complete their homework in your presence while you complete your daily kitchen tasks. If you want to do remake your kitchen You can contact a home interior manufacturer near you. For example, if you live in Noida, India, You can contact an Interior designer in Noida or a modular kitchen manufacturer in Noida.

Wooden cabinets, pastel colours, and terracotta flooring add to the design’s authenticity.

If you want to create a traditional Italian kitchen design, incorporate natural elements such as terracotta flooring, wooden cabinets, and a muted colour scheme. For a more contemporary look, combine wood-finished laminates with solid colours. If you have a small kitchen, however, pastel colours are recommended. In this space, use minimal accents and avoid unnecessary ornamentation. Terracotta tiles add a traditional touch to the kitchen and are extremely easy to care for. There is no hard and fast rule that says you must only use terracotta floor tiles. “You can enhance your modern Italian kitchen designs with white floor tiles, marble, or wooden flooring,” says Guha.

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