Wednesday, September 28

Increase Your Facebook Followers

There is a consensus among everyone in the realm of marketing via social media. Certain people consider social networking platforms as the best method of connecting. Others view social networks as having a very negative effect on current cultural developments. No matter how you see social media, there’s no doubt that it has an enormous influence on our society, and, likely, its influence will not let go anytime shortly.

Facebook particularly is extremely influential in our society. According to the site, in September 2017, Facebook boasted a whopping 2.07 billion active users per month and an estimated 1.37 billion active users per day. On this basis, Facebook continues to be the most popular social media platform among all age groups, used by 64 per cent of Americans. Facebook is the only site that makes up one of every five minutes spent on mobile, which is 20% of the time spent on just one site out of every web-based site. In reality, users spend more than 20 hours every day using Facebook. It’s not a secret: Facebook is big and staying click here.

Each Facebook user has one goal for your nonprofit (NPO)–potential donors. They are relationships, connections with volunteers, donations and so on. If your nonprofit already have Facebook pages, The best method to increase your reach and reach out to more supporters is to grow your number of Facebook followers. What is the best way to accomplish this? There are ten guaranteed ways to start.

If your nonprofit organization wants to grow and expand its purpose, Facebook is one of the ideal ways to do this. Take a look at these proven ways to grow your followers on Facebook and witness the difference you can make today.

Complete the “About” information.

One of the easiest methods of gaining more followers and likes on your nonprofit’s Facebook page is to fill in all your details in your “About” section. This makes your page easier to find by people looking for it and also increases the credibility of your page’s credibility and Google ranking on search engines. Make sure you include all relevant details, such as address and phone number, your location, a mission statement, and your own story. Take a look at Firespring’s example to learn more about what an extensive “About” section can look like.

Add the “Like” button to your blog.

If your nonprofit has a website or blog, you can use it to your advantage by getting Facebook fans. Include a Facebook “Like” button to your blog posts with the Facebook Page plugin. This is a fantastic method to gain likes from your already loyal fans without being intrusive or asking too much from them. The single-step method is as easy as it can be for visitors to your website.

Promote your page via email.

Do you or the NPO already have an extensive email marketing database? Utilize it to increase the reach of the popularity of your page on Facebook. When you send out your newsletter next, add an appeal to action that encourages your readers to follow and like your page. Make sure you emphasize the importance of liking the page. This includes updates from your organization, informative content, and upcoming events. The likelihood is that your constituents will be enticed to share the page a follow.

Use images and videos within your posts.

You may have been told that content is the king. One of the best methods to increase the number of people who follow your Facebook page is by sharing useful content, like videos and images. Video and images are the most effective types of content that can be shared on social media websites and are a fantastic method of increasing your followers on Facebook.

As per Social Media Examiner, photos posted on Facebook bring in an interaction rate of 87% from their followers. Videos have over 8 billion daily views. If you’re looking to connect with your followers on Facebook, photos and videos are the best method.

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