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Could A DNA Diet Test Transform Your Health?

Dietary DNA testing has grown in popularity and accessibility in recent years, but is it simply a fad, or does it function to enhance our health?

We will discuss why dietary DNA testing is essential, how it may be included in regular dietetic counseling, and who can benefit in this post.

Let’s get started!

Why should we examine our DNA?

Have you ever observed that a diet that worked for one of your friends didn’t work for you? In DNA testing mcallen, it has been known that Proteins coded by DNA affect how we digest, absorb, metabolize, and eliminate food and nutrients.

When fast caffeine metabolizers drink 1-3 cups of coffee daily, they have a lower risk of heart attacks, making coffee’ heart beneficial’ for them. Slow caffeine metabolizers, on the other hand, have a twice-as-high risk of heart attacks when consuming two cups of coffee per day and a quadrupled risk when drinking four cups per day.

What are the benefits of dietary DNA testing?

  • Controlling blood pressure

Caffeine, and hence tea and coffee use, may be determined by DNA testing to see if it contributes to high blood pressure (slow caffeine metabolizers) or helps to decrease it (rapid caffeine metabolizers) (fast caffeine metabolizers).

On the other hand, other genotypes will find no benefit from a low-salt diet, while others will observe a rise in blood pressure.

  • Cholesterol management

The French paradox of frequent wine intake and low heart disease rates shows that moderate alcohol use may be beneficial for some of us.

Because of differences in our ADH1C genes, some of us metabolize alcohol more slowly, resulting in higher amounts of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol. Slow metabolizers can minimize their risk of heart disease by consuming 2-4 units of alcohol each day (1 glass of wine). Fast metabolizers only feel this advantage.

Gut health is essential.

  • Diagnosis of coeliac disease and wheat intolerance 

Only a tiny percentage of people are genetically predisposed to celiac disease, and this genotype is also linked to wheat intolerance.

Consuming gluten in two meals every day for six weeks is essential to diagnose celiac disease accurately. This may be unacceptable to persons who have gluten sensitivity in their intestines. 

  • Diagnosis of lactose intolerance

When our systems cannot digest the sugar (lactose) in milk, we are said to have primary lactose intolerance. This occurs because some people cannot synthesize the enzyme lactase dehydrogenase after the age of 5. This might lead to bloating and diarrhea symptoms. The LCT genotype can be used to determine if a person can manufacture the lactase enzyme as an adult. 

Loss of weight

Compared to group weight reduction programs that do not include DNA testing, gaining genetic insights into how your body responds to nutrition aids in higher and more sustainable weight loss (9).

The importance of micronutrients

Vitamin and mineral needs differ from one person to the next. For example, the Department of Health in the United Kingdom suggests taking a daily vitamin D supplement of 10mcg to maintain healthy blood levels and, as a result, good immune and bones throughout the winter.

Several genes influence vitamin D metabolism. Those with specific genotypes will not be able to acquire appropriate vitamin D status with 10mcg per day and will need to take 20mcg or more per day (up to 100mcg/d).

Obesity may be reduced and managed with the use of DNA testing.

Variations in the FTO gene, sometimes known as the ‘fat gene,’ have been linked to an increased risk of obesity, especially in specific ethnic groups. Obesity is an ‘especially high risk’ for people who have at least one copy of specific FTO variants, eat a high-carbohydrate diet, and are physically sedentary, according to research.

Carrying these variants, however, does not guarantee your fate. According to his studies in low-income nations, adopting a nutritious high-fiber diet and increased physical exercise might minimize this genetic risk. “In these nations, multiple genetic testing centers are effectively recommending individualized diets for patients to prevent and decrease obesity.

What are the locations where you can receive a dietary DNA test?

It is essential not to undergo a test without the assistance of a healthcare expert who can assist you in interpreting the results and applying them to your diet.

Dietitians are nutrition specialists required by law to give scientifically sound recommendations. Dietitians who have completed further post-graduate nutritional genomics studies are a small but rising group. These DNA-trained dietitians can help you set up dietary DNA testing along with prenatal paternity testing and utilize the results as a puzzle piece to help you achieve your health objectives.

Currently, dietary DNA testing is not accessible on the NHS. You can discover a dietitian specializing area by searching the BDA freelance dietitians directory.

Last Thoughts

Dietary paternity test near me can provide genetic information on how our bodies digest, absorb, metabolize, and eliminate food and nutrients in unique ways.

This knowledge may be applied to improve our heart health, digestive health, and weight reduction success.

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