15 Lovely Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids That You Should Know

Have you ever wondered how time flew away so quickly? The baby boy or baby girl that you used to bounce on your knees is not about to approach their teen age. Now their birthday is just around the corner, and you’re confused as to what would be the best birthday gift for them, right? Since you’ve landed on this page, you have nothing to worry about. We’ve compiled a list of perfect birthday gift ideas that your kid will for sure love.

You might be thinking that girls would still be into buying Barbie dolls and the boys will go crazy over RC cars or guns. Well, times have changed and so have the thinking of the young generation. So, yes shopping for kids can feel like cracking a nut with a spoon. This stands true because kids nowadays have got everything they need.

Lovely Gift Ideas for Kids

If you think that your kids have almost everything they need that you need to read this article until the end. We’ve jotted down a list of unique ideas that you can present to your kids on their special day.

#1: Fuzzy Balls Tag Game

Have you ever wanted to play a game similar to paintball at home, but without creating a mess? The first team or the player to get all their balls on the vest of their competitor wins the game.

#2: Temporary Tattoos

Well, who doesn’t like some tattoos on their skin that’ll fade away with time? These temporary tattoos will be a perfect addition to their summer look.

#3: The Trestle Track

Are you kids DIY fanatics? If yes, then this trestle track construction set will be the best gift for them.

#4: Bath Sponge Box

Do your kids like to be cuddly during their bath time? Well, this bath sponge whale is the perfect snuggling gift for them. Put a little bit of soap on it and let your kids play with it in the shower.

#5: Interactive Globe

This interactive globe will allow your kids to explore more about the world while sitting in their room.  Plus, by this, the kids will take interest in learning about different cultures and countries as well.

#6: Animal Sculpting Set

The animal sculpting set includes non-toxic clays that will help your kids in making adorable animals or whatever they like. Don’t hesitate to showcase their creative mind in your cupboard.

#7: T-Rex Play Cape

Your kids will for sure love the T-rex play cape. Not only is the cape comfortable to wear and cozy, but it has gotten fearsome teeth and face.

#8: Foam Tumblers

Have you ever played the game “the floor is lava”? Position the foam tumblers in the room and let your kids have fun during their creative playtime.

#9: Beat Box Robot

The beat box robot will aid the kids in creating music that they like. This robot will not beatbox, but it sure will create a cool augmented reality effect.

#10: The Elephant Plushie

The elephant plushie is not only for your kids to play with. These elephant plushies are also collectible toys that even adults like to collect.

#11: Inflatable Ball Pit

Just imagine an inflatable ball pit with more than 500 balls. You know what this means, right? This means endless fun for your kids.

#12: Pottery Kit

Who doesn’t like pottery? With this, your kids can create an array of fantastic pottery. Best of all, the clay after being air-dried will become waterproof.

#13: Wool Booties

With winter just around the corner, the wool booties for your little ones will not only be a great gift item, but they will keep their toes and feet warm and cozy too.

#14: Laptop-Shaped Chalkboard

This perfect laptop-shaped chalkboard is for long road trips. Gift your kids this chalkboard and let your kids minimize their screentime on their iPads and tablets during road trips.

#15: Rainbow Playdough

The rainbow playdough is meant to be played with. The playdough will for sure bring out the creative side of your child.

Final Words

These are just some of the things that you can present to your kids as their birthday gifts. On top of everything, you can always go for kids dress as a birthday gift. Because who doesn’t want to fill their wardrobe will classy and fashion-forwarded dresses.

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