Women Guide 2022: Top Big Fashion Trends This Year

Each year fashion trends shift. Face masks in many different styles and fabrics have become a popular fashion trend over the past two years. Bunnyban will continue bringing you the most recent fashion trends and the best deals on the top brands from the Middle East.

Fashion can distract us. These are the key fashion trends that will be in 2022.


This style is back in fashion and will be popular for many more years.

For quite some time. This year, Sequin dresses are a must-have, ready to wear at any event including birthdays, weddings, and parties. VogaCloset’s Emerald Green Puffy Sleeve Sequin dress and Bunny costume cost only AED 1,013 Get ready for a stylish and sparkly new year!


The timeless, elegant blazer dress has been a big trend since 2021. Casually or formally, blazers and bunny costumes are always in fashion. The Pretty Little Thing White Golden Button Blazer dress is available in two styles: heels and long flat boots, with or without sneakers. This is a wardrobe staple you can easily make for as little as AED146


Bra tops can be worn to show off your female body. These bra tops were very popular in the 1970s and 2000s. This bra top is ideal for the summer heat. Vogacloset’s satin bra shirt is only AED36 You can wear it alone, with a sheer top, or with an outer layer. You will feel timeless and sexy in it.


Cut Out will become even more daring by 2021. Different parts of your body can be showcased by a Cut Out outfit. It is symmetrical and displays a lot of sensuality. It’s a great way for you to enhance your appearance with the Saint Genies Cutout White Ribbed Dress, Bunny Costume. This dress is only AED130

Striped Clothes

Street style lovers will be pleased to know that iconic stripes are back, and we are all in favor of it. Stripes are a versatile and fashionable choice for casual wear. This Retro Stripe Mesh Midi Dress from Vogacloset is a great way to up your fashion game. It retails at AED 358


A timeless accessory, the classic Chain Belt can transform an outfit. Pair them with simple outfits to add an extra flair. The Pretty Little Thing chain belt in gold will make your outfit stand out.


Mini skirts are the newest fashion trend of this year. The mini skirt was a big hit in 2000. The trend is now on the runways. Fashion designers are ready to embrace the mini skirt. These mini skirts mix pleated school dresses with sporty versions, and Y2K basics. Only AED 68 is required to purchase the Azadea Split mini skirt.


The Fashion Forecast for 2022 features the Fringe style. This is a new fashion in jackets and clothes. The jacket’s Western-inspired design is enhanced by this ribbon-like detail. It also makes it a trendy Lola bunny Costume. Zara jacket with rhinestone fringe and appliques available at AED 289

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