Differences between everyday fantasy sports

There are only two major websites that users can choose from to play daily fantasy, Draft Kings and Fan Duel. Both sites have similarities, but at the same time significant differences. Both have equal popularity and have been around since the beginning of daily fantasy . Both sites offer hundreds of matches and pay millions of dollars daily. The websites pay the same price and the competitions offer the same prizes on both websites. So how do you choose which one to use?

The answer is very simple;

Try both and choose the one that suits you best. The value of both sites is the same. So the profit and your chance of winning usually cannot be separated between the two. The difference between the websites is how you create your daily contest list. For example, in daily NBA leagues, you can pick eight players on Draft Kings and nine players on Fan Duel.

Draft Kings gives you a $50,000 salary cap that allows you to select eight players with a salary of at least $50,000. With Fan Duel, you have a salary cap of $60,000, so you can choose nine players for your lineup. Each player’s salary varies from site to site. It is widely believed that Fan Duel may have more superstars or higher paid players due to the higher salary cap. That may be true, but everyone you can compete with also gets more superstars or better players, so it doesn’t matter.

The Fan Duel lineup consists of two point guards, two shooting guards,

Two small forwards, two power forwards, but only one center. Draft Kings lineup consists of five positions (PG, SG, SF, PF, C) and then guard, so you need a point or shooter, forward, small or forward and. ..The latter is a “utility” player (meaning you can pick any player in any position), so the biggest difference between the sites is the strategy you use to build your rankings. I recommend going to the same site to play and see which one you like.

I recommend choosing a site and playing only that site, not both. Both websites have different approaches, so once you’ve chosen one, you’ll want to stick with it and adjust your strategy to produce daily pieces. Bouncing between places and finishing fourth is more difficult and requires more time and research.

Once you know which website you want to use, use it every day and refine your strategy. The more you play and the more repair experience you get, the better you get. Making these adjustments daily is a skill, and with any skill you have to practice to get better.

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