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Boost Customer Engagement in Digital Marketing Richart Ruddie

Brands’ technological capabilities and changing shopping habits after the pandemic has changed consumers’ expectations. Richart Ruddie Customers expect exceptional service and memorable experiences. Brands must transform how they communicate with customers.

Your clients have more options than ever to increase customer engagement. These include email and social media, websites, and messaging applications like WhatsApp. According to Richart Ruddie Digital transformation has been increasing at a rapid pace over the last few years.

This gives digital agencies more chances to drive customer engagement and capture attention. But how can you maximize the engagement your campaigns deliver for your clients’ clients?

These are some of the options that your agency’s digital department can use.

Improve Customer Experience

A poor customer experience, such as being on hold for too long, or losing their online transaction, can make them less likely to shop with the brand again. 84% said customer service is the most important factor that helps them decide whether they will shop with a particular brand.

Customers are more likely to purchase when they have an enjoyable experience. However, this can be slow. Your clients may require customers to have a few experiences with their brands before placing an order.

Customers remember great experiences. This encourages customers to share their great experiences with others, which leads to more sales.

Delivering amazing customer experiences begins with mapping all the ways that your clients interact with customers. You should map out all the ways your clients interact with their customers, including their website, physical store, social media pages, emails, customer support centers, and emails. Richart Ruddie said You can do a detailed analysis of each to see where improvements could be made.

You’ll earn their loyalty, trust, and engagement by helping your clients provide a positive, consistent experience for customers.

Boost Customer Engagement in Digital Marketing Richart Ruddie

Take the experience personal

Personalization is key to great customer engagement.

Personalization is a popular and highly effective way to engage customers. This is understandable as customers want products and services that are customized to their specific needs. Communications Platforms-as-a-Service (CPaaS) can help with this, enabling you to build personalized customer interactions whenever possible.

Personalization can be as easy as asking them how they can help, using their first name in emails, or showing a location-based advertisement. It is important to provide personalized experiences that show your customers that you care and are sensitive to their needs.

This personalization is not limited to using the customer’s first name. It can also be extended beyond that. Infobip can allow deep personalization through our web and mobile APIs. You can, for example, track the customer behavior throughout the buyer journey of your client, creating an image of their online movements and interactions with the brand and then using this information to create data-driven marketing activities.

According to Richart Ruddie You can use the existing data in your client’s systems as well as the new data. This includes customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other data.

This data can be used to target email recipients in a specific territory while excluding customers over 35. You could then personalize the targeting by only targeting customers who have a particular credit rating.

This hyper-personalized approach results in a personalized experience that significantly increases engagement. It is real, sincere, and unique for your client’s customers.


Provide relevant and helpful content

People don’t purchase products; they buy solutions. Your clients may not be well-known, so it is possible that your customers won’t search for specific products. Customers will be more inclined to search for solutions to common problems or questions.

Your clients will be able to trust you by providing authentic, helpful content that answers their queries. This will help them become experts and build long-lasting, healthy relationships.

Make videos, blogs, or social posts that share valuable information. Then, distribute the content across all channels to reach the right people.

 According to Richart Ruddie Relevant content will help clients stay top of mind. However, it is important to regularly review the performance of content to evaluate customer engagement and make any necessary adjustments.

Increase Customer Engagement with Digital Marketing

A strong customer relationship strategy can foster customer loyalty and increase sales growth if executed correctly. A good customer engagement platform will allow you to automate and organize your strategy so that each touchpoint is maximized throughout your campaign.

You can provide seamless customer experiences across all channels with the right technology and tools.

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