What sort of eyelash extensions looks natural? So no one would figure that a professional beautician dealt with the eyelashes. Exemplary Natural Eyelash Extensions Oregon impact typically can’t be recognized from natural eyelashes. Here you will become familiar with the secret of natural lash extensions.


In the event that the work with a natural impact was completed accurately, the client gets a natural, however more expressive look. The cautious use of fake hairs will make the client’s eyes look more lovely. The pre-owned material seems to be indistinguishable from our Natural Eyelash Extensions Oregon. Indeed, even the nearest individuals cannot think that the eyelashes were made by a professional. Furthermore, regardless of whether they notice the change, they cannot perceive what precisely has changed. The natural-looking eyelash augmentation procedure permits to make of eyelashes:

  1. More cushy
  2. Longer
  3. Thicker
  4. More bright
  5. More wavy


The appeal of the natural lashes is safeguarded. Assuming another client feels a little unsure about another arrangement of eyelash extensions and she is reluctant to look unnatural, then you can contend that the natural application method will stay away from this. Numerous excellent studios name the natural eyelash augmentation administration just “exemplary”. Since it is a redundancy of the natural development and position of eyelashes, holds natural volume. The exemplary look can be accomplished with the assistance of an extraordinary plan and the utilization of synthetic hair of various lengths.

Conny Lashes Tip:

The typical length of natural eyelashes in the inward third of the eye is around 6 mm. Around here, you ought to utilize eyelash extensions between 7-8 mm. Natural eyelashes are lengthened and on a 6mm long natural hair, you apply extensions of 8-9mm along the lash line. The counterfeit hair ought to never be excessively lengthy, otherwise, it looks unnatural. The length of the extensions expands toward the path from the internal corner of the eye to the external corner. A professional expert purposes up to five lengths of eyelash extensions for the natural lash look. The most well-known lengths go from 7 to 14 mm.




  • The initial step is examining. Which length, thickness, and thickness? Did the client have any eyelash extensions previously? What are the inclinations? This data is require for the right determination of materials, stick, strategy, and so on.
  • The subsequent step is the pre-work. It contains the cleaning of the skin of the eyelids from beauty care products with an eyelash cleanser and setting up the eyelashes with a groundwork. The lower lashes should protect from the upper ones with a fix.
  • Every hybrid lash extension Hillsboro gets joined with an extraordinary eyelash augmentation tweezer.
  • The phony eyelashes are fix set up with an eyelash expansion stick. The client’s solace straightforwardly relies heavily on how close the synthetic hairs get stuck to the ciliary edge. All together not to cause inconvenience, fake hairs should apply with a space from the eyelash development line of around 0.5-1 mm.

To accomplish the ideal natural eyelash extensions result – a high capability of the eyelash expert is required.



The natural eyelash augmentation method lengthens the eyelashes and gives them more shape. A professional eyelash beautician will choose the fitting boundaries of extensions separately. It relies upon the physical highlights of the construction of the face, as well as the client’s desires.


The shape and size of the eyes can outwardly change with eyelash extensions. With the right mix of natural lash extensions in various lengths, breadths, and twists, a professional can accomplish remarkable looks.

Clients that are generally appropriate for the natural-looking lash augmentation strategy are:

  • Clients who don’t require critical visual revision of the state of the eyes (for instance almond-molded eye)
  • Clients who need to improve their magnificence and look as natural as could really expect.
  • Clients that are extremely occupied and have very little extra energy. Natural exemplary lashes are widespread and proper in any circumstance. They are reasonable in any sort of action and are suitable for any event.
  • Clients who favor at least cosmetics.


The upsides of Natural Eyelash Extensions Oregon include:


  • A natural exemplary lash result that doesn’t draw in an excess of consideration.
  • It is suitable for any age, any occupation – since it shows up staggering.
  • Exemplary natural eyelash extensions somewhat right the state of the eye.
  • The procedure expands the volume and thickness of the lash line.
  • The natural exemplary lashes treatment doesn’t take an excessive amount of time.
  • Don’t bother applying eyeliner and mascara. The lash line as of now has an unmistakable form with dark-hued eyelash extensions.
  • No requirement for ordinary cosmetics. Natural-looking eyelash extensions give the eyes more splendor and profundity.
  • The impact endures as long as one month. We suggest topping off the eyelashes following a month.

The most effective method to CARE FOR NATURAL LASH EXTENSIONS

In the event that the eyelashes ought to keep in the best shape, they should mind. Here is all you want to be aware of:


  • To isolate the eyelashes, they should be painstakingly brush each day.
  • Use water-based mascara. It is not difficult to wash off and it doesn’t stick the eyelashes together.
  • The initial three days after the treatment you shouldn’t visit a sauna or pool. Later on water, medicines should be possible at any recurrence. They won’t adversely influence the natural exemplary lashes.
  • Try not to utilize slick consistency items.
  • Eliminate make-up each night. We suggest a lash cleanser.

By observing these basic guidelines, will permit you to wear your natural lash extensions for quite a while.

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