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6 Types of Marketing for Your Business

When creating a marketing plan, It is essential to be aware of the various types. While marketing is a broad term used to describe the process of promoting and selling your product or service, There are multiple ways to communicate and communicate your message to prospective customers. Differentiating between different types of marketing will ensure that your company has various options for marketing its name.

Here’s a list of the top six kinds of marketing that your company must focus on.


This marketing can help the company reach out to more people. If your marketing campaign is viral, it will reach many more people than just potential customers. This broad reach is advantageous for all businesses. Social media marketing messages are often distributed very quickly and are only for a brief time. It is, therefore, essential to get the most value out of them in that short time.

Viral marketing campaigns aren’t necessarily the most difficult to create. A company requires a creative marketing team that can produce engaging and easily shareable content. The marketing method heavily relies on social media since this is the platform where users share the content. Before a company decides to give marketing via viral forms, it must have a solid online presence on social networks.


It’s one of the most sought-after types of marketing employed by most companies. Marketing through keywords is in direct relation to SEO since the primary purpose of this kind of advertising is to show messages to those who are interested in detailed information.

Keyword marketing heavily depends on research into keywords. This is when a business determines the keywords its prospective customers might use to search for products, services, or brands. This kind of marketing demands an understanding of SEO. Companies that invest in this type of marketing will also require access to a knowledgeable team of content creators. Once the keywords are determined, the content has been developed to rank for the keywords.

There are numerous kinds of keywords. Learning the most common, which will play a crucial part in establishing an effective keyword marketing campaign, is recommended.

Guerilla Marketing

In contrast to other kinds of marketing listed on this list, it isn’t as well-known. The reason is that the guerilla marketing method involves using unconventional methods to draw consumers’ attention. Guerilla marketing is usually inexpensive; however, they require an enormous amount of imagination.

Guerilla marketing has much in common with guerilla warfare; both contain ambush and surprise elements. A well-planned guerilla campaign will benefit businesses in a variety of ways. It’s a surefire way to outwit rivals. Because of the nature of these campaigns, they’re very memorable.


If your company is concerned about its environmental impact, it is time to get on board with the green market. This is a plan of action that is based on environmentally friendly business methods. For example, a business could switch to sustainable products and services. This information could be used in marketing materials and will resonate with those who live green lifestyles.

It is an answer to the demands of modern consumers, and it also contributes to making the world more sustainable. With green marketing, companies can access new markets and boost sales. Green marketing is about truthfulness, and businesses shouldn’t be able to offer false advertising.

Relationship Marketing

This kind of marketing focuses more on the relationship between businesses and their clients. Marketing based on relationships is about enabling companies to build stronger relationships with their customers and hoping to be rewarded with loyalty and trust.

By utilizing relationship marketing, businesses can ensure regular sales. This can also give you an advantage in the market since most companies focus on making money.


The final form of marketing listed includes influencer marketing. This kind of marketing is where influential people in a particular field endorse products or services. Influencers have gained a following on social media because of their experience or expertise in a specific area.

Influencer marketing can be highly profitable since the majority of social media influencers can attract a large number of followers. However, the cost of hiring an influencer today can be pretty costly. So, it is essential to assess your marketing budget.


These are a few of the most popular kinds of marketing that your company should consider investing in. Before you commit your resources to a specific type of marketing, you should ensure that it aligns with your brand’s goals. Through the decades, Snap SEO has engaged in all kinds of marketing. We, therefore, can give you a professional opinion on what type of marketing is most suitable for your company. We also have experts that you can count on to design any of these marketing campaigns.

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