How to Improve the Water Efficiency of the Cooling Towers? | Tsur Ben David

A cooling tower uses a lot of water. When it comes to the purposes of these towers, they is designed to transfer heat by re-circulating water to cool industrial processes or buildings. Hence, it is very important for us to spread awareness related to water scarcity. And using the best methods to reduce water consumption by the cooling towers is highly need. Since water is essential for all living creatures, people like Tsur Ben David are working toward making solutions that are not only helpful in the preservation of natural resources but make this world a better place to live.

Keep on reading this post to learn more about cooling towers and water efficiency.

Water Uses of Cooling Towers

A cooling tower is one of the major components of the cooling systems that provide process cooling or air conditioning – Tsur Ben David. A cooling tower works best when the heat transfer system is clean and free from corrosion.

But yes, these dynamic systems along with the fluctuating quality of the water source (local) and the open environment can impact the water consumption as well as the performance of the cooling tower.

Increase ‘Cycles of Concentration’ to Reduce the Uses of Water in Cooling Towers

As a cooling tower evaporates off some water to offer to cool, some minerals and dissolved solid is left. To keep corrosion and fouling at the bay of heat transfers as minerals gather, the operator of the cooling tower should dump some water and add fresh and clear one to the basin of the cooling tower – Tsur Ben David.

However, the amount of dissolve minerals that will not affect the cooling system’s performance is called the ‘Cycles of Concentration or COC.’

Using the tube cleaning systems by CET Enviro on the condensers can provide another effective tool for optimizing the performance and operations of the cooling system.

You must understand that condenser tubes are one of the warmest portions in a cooling system; they tend to foul first and faster.

But when there is a tube cleaning system, you can reduce the chances of tube fouling and when this happens, you can save a significant amount of water.

Make Water Sources Reliable and Effective with Non-chemical cooling water treatments

What is so common between Dr Reddy’s Laboratory, Perfetti, ITC, Taj or DS Group? They all are well-known corporates and have implemented well-known innovative water technologies from Israel, such as SBR.  There are many other corporate giants who have such integrated innovative sustainable technologies

By focusing more on the cooling towers’ water consumption, one can make alternative water sources to reduce their uses.

Whether these alternative sources of water come from stormwater reclaim systems, gray water systems. Industrial wastewater reclamation strategies, the inconsistent quality of the makeup water makes the cooling water treatment a difficult process.

However, high-quality tube cleaning systems (such as those offered by CET Enviro of Tsur Ben David) can make things simpler and easier for you.

Wrapping it up!

Along with optimized efficiency of chiller energy and reduced maintenance needs, the latest range of tube cleaning systems by the firm of Tsur Ben David can help facility owners to save a tremendous amount of water.

Besides, whether it is about improving the effectiveness of the cooling tower. Water through the higher cycles of concentration or making the efficiency and reliability of gray water systems better. These tube cleaning systems are really amazing to reduce the costs of water and attain sustainable growth.

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