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How much does it cost to clean my office? What is included

Determine your office cleaning costs

Knowing how much an office cleaning service costs depends a lot on what kind of work you want to do. Time is money, they say, and commercial cleaning is no different. Basic office cleaning plan

Many clients don’t know much about office cleaning, they just want a good job. Walk around your different office spaces and write down what you plan to do with your main job and another list of what you want to do but don’t if it means extra. For example, you may think of dusting, vacuuming, moving and cleaning the bathroom as a basic list, but your idea of ​​dusting may be different than the next person’s idea. Does applying dust to all flat surfaces mean you have to shake or shake and wipe everything on a flat.

In addition to additional tasks

You probably have the same cleaning product you’ve been using for years and clean your office like you would your home. On-site carpet cleaning, trash washes, interior and exterior window washing, and plant watering. Such a person understands your needs. A commercial cleaning company does not have such a close relationship and you need to take that into account. Additional costs may arise, but there are costs associated with them.

Cleaning agents and paper products

The office cleaning company invests heavily in cleaning equipment and supplies. To reduce office cleaning costs, consider purchasing your own equipment, cleaning supplies and paper products. In any case, ask for a quote for possible cleaning services and find out if this is the right option for you. Your employees may be used to a certain type of paper towel or toilet paper that you always buy, and you can’t ask the cleaning service to remove it and only buy a certain brand for your office because they want to offer you. . Possible wholesale price.

Office space in square meters

Obviously, a 2,000 square foot office space costs less than a 22,000 square foot office space, but if you haven’t used an office cleaning service before, you won’t know the difference. Many commercial cleaning services offer a price per square foot that includes a list of essential jobs. The frequency of cleaning is also important. Cleaning once a week costs less than three times a week. Also consider whether you have tile floors that require special attention or whether your office is carpeted.

List these concerns and be prepared to sit down and talk with any office kontorrengøring services you are considering for your job. This helps them do their jobs more efficiently and saves costs that are easy to budget.

If you are thinking of outsourcing your office cleaning to a professional, you may want to ask how much they will charge you. In fact, the amount you pay may vary depending on where your office is located. There are also several other factors that can affect office cleanliness. How much can you pay:

Office size

Needless to say, the size of your office can affect how much you can charge to clean it. In general, the larger the office, the more you will pay if you hire a professional cleaning service. This is because a larger office takes longer to clean and requires a larger amount of cleaning products to cover the entire area. Many companies pay a standard base rate per square meter.

How dirty the place is

If you work in a typical office with little to moderate clutter at the end of the day, the cost should be relatively low, depending on other factors, but if you work in an environment that is hectic during the day, your office. The cost of cleaning is likely to be high. This may reflect the effort required to restore the office to perfect condition and any additional products needed to clean specific stubborn areas.

Affordable cleaning services are available, but you usually get what you pay for. These companies can save you money by cutting back and using low -quality cleaning products that won’t clean your office as thoroughly as you’d like. This means that the most expensive companies are not always the best. It may be a good idea to check if the cleaning companies have any reviews or testimonials that show the quality of the services they provide.

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