Do’s and Dont’s for Acupuncture

Plan your schedule so that you may relax after your treatment. This is particularly crucial during the first visits.

Do careful attention and record your reactions to the therapy in writing. This will make it easier for the acupuncturist to monitor your progress and provide future treatments that are most suited to your condition.

To get the most out of your acupuncture sessions and herb, do what your acupuncturist instructs.

Avoid eating a substantial meal just before or soon after your treatment.

Avoid excessive exercise, sexual activity, and the use of alcoholic or caffeinated drinks six hours before or after therapy.

Don’t use drugs or alcohol while driving. Abuse of drugs or alcohol will significantly decrease the efficacy of acupuncture Singapore treatments and herbal supplements.

Before Receiving Acupuncture

First of all, avoid arriving famished. Before your treatment, have a small snack or light meal. If you have hypoglycemia or a tendency to experience blood sugar changes, this is particularly true. It should go without saying that abstaining from alcohol and recreational substances before therapy is preferable. You should, however, take your prescribed medications on time. Patients who are taking drugs for a variety of ailments often get acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture is a soothing procedure. Wear loose-fitting clothes that won’t restrict the acupuncturist’s ability to reach your elbows and knees. Do not wear pantyhose or tights. If it’s chilly, layer your clothing. Make good judgments. Wear a tank top beneath your turtleneck if you anticipate that your acupuncturist may need to work on your neck or upper back, for example.

Inform your acupuncturist if you lack sleep, are overworked, or are stressed out a lot. This aids in determining the best course of therapy for you. Before your treatment, you may need a few relaxing needles if you’re feeling extremely anxious. Or maybe you’ll need a gentler best acupuncture Singapore approach if you’re weary. It’s a good idea to discuss any unexpected emotional disturbances or periods of overwork with your acupuncturist. Planning for therapy considers these factors.

Following acupuncture therapy

Don’t travel far before or after getting acupuncture for at least a day. To get the most out of the therapy, give your body time to fully relax.

You can go back to your routine after acupuncture. It’s ok to return to work. Be aware that you can experience a little increase in relaxation. If you have the chance to snooze and are exhausted, do so. After treatment, try to avoid eating a large meals and abstain from alcohol. If you must consume alcohol, do so with your meal, and moderation is advised.

Exercise shouldn’t be an issue, but keep it simple. Avoid severe or demanding routines, based on your preferences. Instead of running, try walking, jogging, or doing three miles rather than ten. Take a stroll around the block or a mile along a lovely trail. Instead of attempting to smash your lap record, take it easy when swimming. Do a gentler workout if you use a gym. Following acupuncture, avoid using ice. 

Acupuncture stimulates your qi, blood, and circulation. Acupuncture may help you with swelling by reducing it. Ice application hinders this process. The cold slows things down and contracts them. Wait a few hours after receiving acupuncture before administering any needed ice to an area. This is the amount of time it takes for the qi or energy to adjust to its new, healthier state. 

The day you get acupuncture, you may also obtain chiropractic care, massage treatment, or physical therapy. The combination of acupuncture and massage is very beneficial for patients who visit for muscle discomfort and trigger points. Other issues including stress, tension headaches, minor injuries, and arthritic pain respond well to acupuncture and massage therapy.

Avoid consuming alcohol and coffee

Acupuncture can improve mental clarity and self-awareness. Interfering with their advantages would not be beneficial. After therapy, take some time to check in with yourself and let some inner knowledge emerge.

Remain hydrated.

Make sure you have a carrier to carry the toxins out of the body since acupuncture therapy may encourage the removal of toxins from the body. After treatment, drink a lot of water over the following several days (instead of a few huge glasses at once)! The fact that both alcohol and coffee dehydrate you is another reason to avoid them.

Do some little workout

If you normally spend time working out on the day of your treatment, keep doing so. But do it to unwind, not to accomplish anything. Take a leisurely jog rather than a strenuous one, or try some beginner’s yoga or tai chi instead of difficult martial arts. Do a little gym workout as opposed to a complete workout. Instead of straining either the intellect or the body, the goal is to unite them.

Avoid Netflix binge-watching!

While sometimes this might be a way to lose track of time, receiving acupuncture treatment should leave you feeling tranquil, so avoid bombarding your head with news reports and external issues. It’s time for you to rest and recover. Additionally, maybe engaging in the on-screen drama of fictitious people serves as a diversion from the fact that you may not be connecting with your loved ones. Instead of wasting time, try reconnecting with old acquaintances and family members or engaging in activities to make new acquaintances (friends!).

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