Best Wood Laser Engravers and Laser Cutters [2022]

Wood Laser Engravers and Laser Cutters

A Laser shaper can undoubtedly etch, imprint, and cut wood and other wood composite materials.

Lasers are a decent choice when dealing with level wood surfaces.

With legitimate settings, a laser can easily imprint and cut wood.

I composed this article after thinking about probably the best laser cutters for dealing with wood.

Every one of the laser machines is talked about exhaustively to assist you with picking the one you want.

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Best Wood Laser Engravers and Cutters [2022]

Lasers are profoundly well known for etching on wood, given the distinctive, differentiating finish it makes.

It can likewise be utilized to slice through thin sheets of wood; however, the cut parts will have a dull consumed finish on their edges.

Normally, a laser can make cuts as profound as 1/2″ by doing different passes on wood.

Lasers eliminate material by shining a light emission and consuming the material.

That implies you want to change the concentration to eliminate material layer by layer.

That can be drawn out for deep cuts and is a fire danger.

If you want to make cuts further than 1″, the most proper decision is a wood CNC switch. Buy a laser print cutter on Xtool and use Xtool Coupon Code to save 40% extra bucks.

I chose these laser cutters and etchers after assessing them on boundaries, for example, size, material ability, laser power, redesigns, administration, gathering, workspace, laser security, direct aide, and programming.

Laser Cutters

ATOMSTACK A5 PRO Laser Engraver

Laser Module

ATOMSTACK A5 PRO is a 40W laser etcher and shaper with an optical force of 4.5W – 5.5W.

This diode laser has a frequency of 445±5 nm and gives an etching precision of 0.01mm.

A5 PRO purposes a decent center laser setup. It would help if you physically changed it up or down contingent upon the material thickness.

The most profound cut ATOMSTACK A5 PRO 40W laser can do is 1/2″, yet you should do various passes.

Impression and Work Area

ATOMSTACK A5 PRO has an impression of 23.6″ x 22.5″ and 10.6″.

It has a full-metal aluminum fabricate, and it weighs around 8.8 lbs.

The complete workspace you can get from the ATOMSTACK A5 PRO is 16.14″ x 15.7″.

Direct Motion

ATOMSTACK A5 PRO is belt-driven on its X and Y tomahawks. The gantry is directed utilizing V-wheels over the aluminum outline.

The Z-hub has no straight movement parts; to change the Z level, you should relax the module and drop it or down physically.

Material Capability

ATOMSTACK A5 PRO can chip away at wood, cowhide, cotton, elastic, paper, metal, tempered steel, cotton foam, and acrylic with such power.

While chipping away at wood, in a solitary pass, it can imprint basswood or comparable hardwoods at a speed of ~118 pm with an S-Max of 800.

You can cut 1/8″ thick basswood at a speed of ~6 pm with an S-Max of 1000.

It can etch bamboo at a speed of ~118 pm in a solitary pass with an S-Max of 800.

You can cut 1/10″ thick bamboo at a speed of ~7.5 pm with an S-Max of 1000.


ATOMSTACK A5 PRO backings LaserGRBL, which is open-source programming.

It is simple to-utilize programming that upholds Windows OS (Win XP/Win 7/Win 8/XP/Win 10).

The ideal choice for Mac OS clients is LightBurn, a paid programming.

You can figure out how to set up the driver and run the projects from the client manual given by AtomStack.


ATOMSTACK R3 Rotating Engraving Axis

ATOMSTACK R3 Rotating Engraving Axis is a belt-driven add-on measured rotor connection to the ATOMSTACK A5 PRO laser shaper.

It has an all-metal construction and is viable with most etching machines on the lookout.

You can change the rotating level by raising its footpeg.

The etching widths can be changed in 8 stages by changing the point of rotor handles, and the etching distance across can be just about as little as 0.15″ to 3.9″.

Y-pivot Extension Kit

The Y-pivot expansion unit grows the cutting or etching area of ATOMSTACK A5 PRO by 190%.

It adds 17.7″ of workspace, and you will get a sum of 33.4″ of workspace along the Y-pivot.

Get together

ATOMSTACK A5 PRO is delivered in a solitary bundle that weighs around 11 lbs.

All that comes securely loaded in a thick foam with pockets for every part.

You can collect and set up the machine in about 60 minutes.

AtomStack has nitty gritty recordings and archived gathering guides that you can allude to.


AtomStack has a help email accessible on their site to contact their help group.

They give after-deals backing to every one of their items.

If parts in the A5 Pro laser separate, you can demand a substitution.

Generally speaking, it is a spending plan well disposed of laser etcher/shaper that you can use to deal with wood.

One more commendable laser etcher from Atomstack for cutting and etching wood is Atomstack X7.

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