5 Important Tips for Heating and Cooling System Service

Whether it is a hot summer day or a cold winter evening, heating and cooling service systems have become an essential part of our daily lives. It has become almost impossible to imagine a life without them. The importance that they hold in our lives is immense but to keep them up and running for our comfort we have to maintain them at regular intervals.

heating and cooling service
Heating and Cooling Service

We will discuss some of the basic tips to follow for heating and cooling service:

1. Clean/change the air filters:

Heating, ventilation and air conditioners or HVAC systems are equipped with filters to keep out any foreign particles like dust and leaves to enter the core of these systems and harm the components inside or hamper their working. Heating and cooling systems are equipped with filters which are the first layer of protection from the external weather and to keep cleaning or changing them wherever needed is essential in heating and cooling service.

2. Inspect the ducts

Ducts are long tubes that connect the outside unit to the inside of your house to facilitate the flow of air through them. With time, these ducts can degrade and can start leaking due to normal wear and tear. The loss of air from these ducts can heavily increase your energy bills without you knowing. While carrying out heating and cooling service, this is one part that should not be missed out from inspection to ensure longevity in the lifespan of these systems.

3. Have a regular or annual maintenance check from a professional

These HVAC systems have made our lives easy and full of comfort but we should not forget that these are made out of complex mechanical parts that need to be serviced and maintained from time to time. Annual  maintenance check at regular intervals is essential for these systems to operate throughout the year without any breakdown. It is advisable to always hire a professional to carry out heating and cooling service and avoid DIY projects on your systems as they may end up you spending huge sums on the excess damage caused by your faults.

4. Clean the drain lines and the area around the units

When it comes to air conditioning units, they have pipes to drain out the moisture from the inside of the house to the outside. These pipes can be home to algae and moulds and that is why they should be drained or washed out periodically for longer life. Similarly, duct particles around the units should also be cleaned to prevent them from entering and blocking the filters which will increase the load on the compressors and your energy bills.

5. Hire professional with a good track record

To perform heating and cooling services, you should only hire professionals with a good track record. A few ways to hunt down a professional servicing company is by taking recommendations from your peers and neighbours. You can always search on the internet to get desired results. However, it is always advisable to get the quotes of budgets from more than one servicing expert to enhance your knowledge on the quotes and manage your funds accordingly.


Maintaining your HVAC systems is essential and easy if you follow these simple steps. A well-maintained system will go a long way without any breakdowns that require hefty repair expenses. Spend some time once every few weeks to clean and inspect your HVAC systems and prevent them from breaking down in the middle of the season to put your life on halt. Follow the above-mentioned heating and cooling service tips and make your life easy and desirable.