Must-Try Experienced During Exumas Yacht Charter Holiday

Just imagine you are laying on a vast white sand beach, surrounded by crystal clear water. The sun rays falling on the beach along with the cool ocean breeze are a perfect combination for a nearly heavenly experience. If it sounds like your kind of holiday, you can consider booking an Exumas yacht charter right away.

Here are some must-try experiences to make your Exuma Bahamas trip memorable and exciting.

  1. Crystal Water With Impossible Blue Tinge

With 360 islands, the Bahamas is a perfect destination for beach lovers. But what makes it even more stunning is its crystal clear water with an impossible blue tinge. It appears as if the entire ocean is filled with refreshing bottled water.

You may have seen various oceans in the world but the water in this region is the clearest in the world.

  1. Explore Island Of Swimming Pigs on Exumas Yacht Charter

There are various rumors about how the pigs in Exumas learned to swim. Some of the rumors state that maybe the pigs learned it while struggling to get food supply. Some people in the region decided to breed those pigs for tourists to play with them.

Every day someone would come to the island for feeding and take care of these pigs. The pigs are generally intelligent animals that are motivated by food. They start to associate the sound of yacht engines with a meal. When you get closer to the island on Exumas boat charter with food, pigs will stand in the ocean waiting for you to feed them. You will also feel amused when pigs will start swimming around your boat.

  1. Exumas Yacht Charter For Snorkeling

Since the water is very clear in Exumas, you can put on goggles and enjoy snorkeling anywhere you desire. Your snorkeling adventure won’t have any dull moments while swimming between sea slugs, colorful fish, turtles, sharks, and starfish.

If you visit Staniel Cay, also called Thunderball Grotto, you’d recognize the scenes from the two James Bond films: Never Say Never and Thunderball. Just outside this limestone island, you can see the stunning Bahama Bluewater. But what is more exciting is what’s inside the island. There is a huge cavern with a ceiling containing holes through which sunlight passes. With the sunlight, the cave and various colored fishes light up. The best time to visit here is during high noon when the sunlight is the brightest.

Snorkeling next to gorgeous fishes and exploring the popular cave is a truly memorable experience.

  1. Enjoy the Entire Day At The Mile-Long Sandbar

The Mile-Long Sandbar is named so because it is one mile long. It also goes by some other names, like Copperfield Sandbar, Musha Cay Sandbar, or Big Farmer’s Cay Sandbar. It is best to consider Exumas yacht rental to visit this exotic spot.

The best thing about the sandbar is that the water is just knee-deep. It means that you can walk for miles into this ocean. You can even consider seashell hunting for fun. If you are lucky, you may come across conch shells, string rays, starfishes, sea slugs, and various other fishes. Due to the crystal clear water, it’s easier to search for these water creatures.

  1. Swim With Sharks At Compass Bay During Exumas Yacht Charter Tour

Although swimming with sharks may feel terrifying, these are quite harmless. The nurse sharks are slow-moving and feed on fish, squid, and shrimp. However, these do have small but strong jaws. So, they are likely to bite defensively if bothered or stepped on. So, you have to be gentle with them.

Once you treat them nicely, these creatures will swim around you carefully. Hence, you’d have a great time swimming with them.

Don’t let fear stop your adventure!

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