How Much Does A Desert Safari Cost In Dubai?

Months are marching from November to March. So what are you planning for? Yup! A visit to some most enterprising places is the MUST where you can take risks to fulfil your dreams. And the most remarkable name that sets fit for this adventure is desert safari Dubai. Only 6 hours of the tour is entirely loaded with the zeal and zest of enthusiasm. Everyone who plans to visit Dubai, this visit is incomplete with the brilliant experience in the vast desert of sand; Desert Safari Dubai. With the fulfilment of desires, the budget of pocket must also be considered. There is no limit to joy if both things are obtained according to the traveller’s wish.

Desert Safari Dubai Costs Per Person

The cost per person for the Desert Safari Dubai is ostensible. Now there is no need to worry about your budget. If you are ready to experience the thrill, go ahead and start your experiment with the right decision.

The Package Includes

As many companies offer the packages including; pick and drop from your residence, amateur license approved instructors/drivers, dune bashing at red dune desert, camel riding, sand boarding, photography stop, Henna tattoos, Belly & Tanura dance, traditional Arabian dresses wearing, buffet dinner, 20 minutes’ squad bike ride, and overnight in a camp.

Evening Desert Safari

The best time to feel an unbeatable delight is when the sun is going to take a rest after its brilliant warmth. The Desert Safari Dubai is at its best worth seeing beauty at sunset. The moment you have spent catching the beauty of sand boarding and taking the experience of dune bashing. Along with camel riding will cost an everlasting cherished memory in your heart.

Affordable Cost Of Desert Safari Dubai Adventure

Dune pacing Desert Safari Dubai cost 25 AED per person with the package of pick up from your doorstep at (2:30 PM, 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM, and 10:30 PM). After the thrill of dune bashing the visit sets forth to the night camp for luscious B.B.Q  dinner.

The best and most affordable Desert Safari Dubai costs per person are only 70 AED with the package. Which includes the transportation by the car from the afternoon to around 10:30 PM. Moreover, it is ornamented with B.B.Q dinner having an enjoyment of belly and Tanura dance show.

As far as the most adventurous thrill to experience is considered. Toyota Land Cruiser is best for this fun in Safari Desert Dubai. It costs per person 290 AED with the package of Desert Safari in Al Faya dunes. Thrilled and skilled drivers are here to drive the Land Cruiser. Tour starts from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The trip ends on the silent sand of the desert at night camp with belly dance and a Tenura show having delicious dinner.

Last but not least, for family the best package is 1800 AED for 6 to 9 members. Land Cruiser picks the travellers from their destination at 3:00 PM. Their trip ends at around 10:00 PM with all other relishes, dinner, Tanura show & belly dance under the canopy with shining stars. Toilet facilities, mineral waters, and cushions are also available inside the package.

Inclusions & Exclusions

According to the range of your budget per person cost in Dubai Safari Desert is different. If you are a low-budget traveler your cost may be (AED 25-70) per person but with the exclusion of Quad bike. It will give you cheap-priced desert dune driving. If you are a mid-budget traveler the cost will be (AED 125-210) per person with the inclusion of a valued meal and sand dune drive. But for the high-budget travellers (Luxe) the per-person cost is (AED 375 +) with the inclusion of a deluxe desert dune. All attractions you want to view but with the exclusion of Quad bike ride.

With affordable prices, the desert safari Dubai is providing the most incredible experience full of boosting activities. The professional drivers are an addition to every amazing moment of delight. All the rides are absolutely safe and well organized.

Desert Safari Dubai is a host of excitement and gives abundant hilarious thrilling activities. Such as sand skiing, camel riding, red dune bashing, quad or dirt bike ride, and an overnight camp stay.

Hence, lastly, Desert Safari Dubai is a premier entertainment destination where your pursuit of a brilliant experience ends. For the best and most unique trip, you have to search for the different Desert Safari packages. You will surely find some affordable and economical budgeted Safari that have heart-throbbing adventurous amusements.

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