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You made an Instagram profile years back but you have forgotten the password. Now, after many years you found the password and do not seem to have another copy of the profile pictures you used on that account. You want the profile pictures in full size but Instagram’s limitations say otherwise.

So, how can you reclaim your long-lost profile pictures without putting your account at risk? Here are the following tips you can use:

Third-party website to watch full-size Instagram profile pictures


Instazoomer is an online tool that does not require any downloading. Moreover, you also don’t need to download the Instagram app, the website will serve the purpose for you even if you don’t own an Instagram account.

Just enter the correct username in the application’s search box and you will be presented with a full-sized Instagram DP of your intended profile.


This is an apparent new tool in the arena with its features and functions the same as InstaZoom. Use the below-mentioned steps to download the Instagram profile picture.

  • Go to IZUUM.con
  • Enter the URL of the targeted profile
  • Click download to save the profile picture

Insta DP Viewer

This online downloading tool will allow you to watch the pictures in high quality and full form. Follow these simple steps to download your desired profile picture:

  • Search for the Instagram profile picture you want to download.
  • Copy the URL and paste it into the search bar of Insta Zoom Viewer.
  • You can now watch the picture in full form.
  • Download it on your device by clicking the button located next to the image.

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How to Enlarge Instagram DP from a Desktop?

Method 1

  • Go to the Instagram profile from your default browser
  • Copy the URL of the profile
  • Paste the URL in your Browser and press enter
  • Now, right-click on the profile picture and select ”open image in new tab”
  • Go to the new tab to view the full-sized profile picture.

Method 2

  • Go to your default browser
  • Login to using the Instagram app
  • Copy the profile URL of the targeted profile
  • Open a new tab and paste the URL
  • Replace “150×150” with 1080×1080 and remove /vp/ from the link.
  • You will have a full-sized profile picture of high quality

Downloading Other Content From Instagram

Instagram Zoom helps you to view the profile pictures and download any type of content from Instagram while maintaining your privacy while most of them works without even creating an Instagram account.

Instagram does not provide any option to download the content it only allows you to save the content within the app. But you can also download by using third-party website that are free to use. is the best source for downloading all sorts of Insta-content. Be it stories, reels, IGTV videos, posts, or anything. Just enter the link in the search box and you will be redirected to download the videos in no time.

 Is it legal to use third-party website for downloading someone’s profile pictures?

Instagram profile pictures are public means it can be viewed by anyone and it involves user’s consent. If you are not following a certain account you can still view their profile picture.

Remember, it is not forbidden to download something from the internet if it is publicly available however using it for private means without the consent of the author is morally incorrect and can also land you in trouble over copyright issues.

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With the aforementioned information you can suggest to anyone as it is easy, safe, fast, and reliable. Not to mention those times when you have to keep staring at a profile picture to get hold of it. is always available to cater your need.

As most of us are always searching for a way to download those cute and beautiful profile pictures that you cannot ignore. Well, the information provided enough would have presented you with enough ideas to download the profile pictures and not worry about getting exposed in any way as the website maintain anonymity and are also free to use so they are always a safer bet.

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