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Sometimes it seems that Greece is full of benefits because, in addition to the wonderful weather, wonderful nature, and affordable life, it also offers the easiest options for immigration to Greece.

There are seven immigration programs for resettlement. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

1. Wives Or Concubines Of Greek Citizens

If we are talking about the wife of a Greek citizen, this residence permit gives the wife the right to move immediately and start work immediately, as well as to have children from a previous marriage.

But for a Greek partner, it’s a little worse: she can move immediately, but she can wait years before she can get a residence permit. Therefore, it turns out that a woman can live in Greece for many years with a video certificate before obtaining a residence permit (the certificate does not give the right to work in the state).

Also, a partner cannot bring children from a previous marriage, he cannot open a business and work for himself. Even after obtaining a residence permit, colleagues are reluctant to work.

With the exception of a subtle but crucial point, such as having a fianc, this is the easiest way to design an immigration option.

2. Study At A Greek University.

Maybe it’s because of our company (at least we’ve worked hard to publish this immigration program) that the shift to studying is becoming the second most popular among immigrants.

This immigration option is also very simple in its design: tuition is free, you can enter a university without a certificate-based language degree (or master’s degree), there is no entrance exam, and you actually learn the language. can. In addition, immigrants receive a long-term student residence permit immediately.

Procedures are developed automatically by our company: documents are submitted by the Ministry, and previous training is recognized there.

Students at Greek universities have various benefits, including free insurance and the right to work part-time (or part-time). After graduation, the graduate has time to look for a job and can open his own business in Greece.

3. An Economically Independent Person

The economically free person program gives the right to come to Greece to those whose government income in their home country is at least 24,000 euros per person per year and more than 30,000 euros if the family is traveling.

This residence permit does not give the right to work in the country (income can be earned from home or can work remotely), but anyone can open a business in Greece. The advantage of this residence permit is that all family members can move immediately without delay, send their children to school and kindergarten and live indefinitely, and then apply for citizenship. ۔

4. Investors

An investor visa is issued in two cases:

  • When buying property in Greece for 250,000 euros;
  • With an investment of between 250,000 and 500,000 euros in the company.

The main hurdle here, of course, is the financial problem: to get an investor visa. You have to have a lot of money.

5. Work Visa

Work visas are also difficult to obtain for summer jobs. In the case of a business residence permit, it is issued on an exceptional basis to highly qualified specialists, or in conjunction with investment activities (when opening a company and attaching senior managers to it).

Work residency permit registration takes the most time. If you have the opportunity to apply for a second residence permit. It is best to do so, as you will have to spend a lot of nerves, time, and money to get a work residence permit.

6. Repatriates

The Repatriates are people of Greek descent who want to return to their historic homeland. But the main problem with this residence permit is that people. Have to wait 6-7 years to be invited for an interview. This is a great opportunity if the person is invited for an interview after waiting 3-4 years.

The main condition for obtaining a residence permit is a successful interview with documents of Greek origin and commission.

7. Illegal

We have added this to our list, despite the fact that we are acting against illegal immigration.

There is a type of illegal immigrant who can gain legal status after living in Greece for more. Then three years and now has reasons to do so. People living in Greece for more than seven years can also be given legal status.

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