Types Of Damascus Kitchen Knives And Their Purpose

A kitchen without a knife is like a magician without a magic wand: miracles cannot happen without the right tools. However, choosing a good Damascus Steel kitchen knife is not easy. Together we offer you to understand the types of Damascus knives, consider the functions and choose the best set of accessories for the amateur chef.


The home kitchen should have at least 3 knives, a pairing knife, a bread knife, and a chef’s knife.

Types and functionality.

1. Damascus Vegetable Knife.

Damascus vegetable knives look like little Damascus chef’s knives. Hook-shaped, claw-shaped blade models and those similar to the Santoko shape. Certified blades cut hard leather quickly. A thin blade up to 10 cm long makes it easy to peel fruits and vegetables, peel eyes from potatoes, and slice food.

2. Damascus Bread knife.

The Damascus Bread Knife has a serrated blade that easily cuts hard crusts without damaging the flesh. A steel blade with a special blade is also suitable for cutting hard-shelled foods such as watermelon, pineapple, and watermelon. Models with serrated blades do not need to be sharpened, but if the knife is still slow, it is better to contact the workshop.

3. Damascus Chef’s knife 

Damascus Chef’s knives are famous for their talent. A long knife with solid handles and wide blades gives the chef many options:

  • The heel of the knife allows you to cut small foods, such as herbs and garlic.
  • Knife Sharpener – Chop onions and small vegetables.
  • The main part of the blade is perfect for cutting meat and fish or chopping hard vegetables.
  • The end of the blade allows the knife to rotate for a smooth cut.
  • The wide blade is suitable for chopping garlic and ingredients, and can also be used as a spoon to move other products.

Damascus Chef’s knife blades range in length from 15 to 30 cm. However, blades less than 20 cm long do not bother to use, and blades longer than 30 cm require a large working space. The length of the chef’s knife blade for home cooking is 20-25 cm.

4. Damascus Nakiri knife

A Damascus Nakiri knife is a tool of a clichéd butcher from Western films.  It is a thick rectangular blade 15 to 18 cm wide. A heavy attachment is used to cut carcasses, dismember bones, or chop frozen meat. The presence of such a knife in the home kitchen is not necessary at all.

5. Damascus Fish Knife

The Damascus fish knife has a long, flexible blade for slicing fish and separating flats from bones. The knife will appeal to people who regularly fish. The Damascus knives have a small and wide blade, made to extract meat from the bone.

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