Best of Low budget wedding stage decoration ideas

A lot can be done within budget; this includes your wedding as well. While the ‘over the top weddings’ have been making the waves this season, nevertheless, there is still room for budget-friendly ideas. After all, you can save enough and use the cash for the other expenses, like your exotic honeymoon! Well, to make that happen, we at My Mandap have listed for you some of the best of low budget wedding stage decoration ideas: 

  1. The string Lights and Drapes

As the town is going crazy for the ultimate wedding stage decoration ideas, here is something that fits the bill. Make a stage backdrop using drapes and string lights covering the entire section of the stage. This needs to be just behind the seating position of the couple. It makes for a dreamy wedding stage effect, where the LED strands and Satin drapes combine to offer the look you are aiming for. 

  1. The Balloons

A lot can be done with Balloons if executed sensibly. Use Metallic colored balloons in shades of Gold, Silver, Blue, or even Red to stand around in bunches at certain strategic points across the venue. Not many people realize it, but this makes for a lively, lovely yet classy appearance to your otherwise simple setup. YOu can also use Balloons with messages written across, like ‘Love’, ‘Joy’, or anything that resonates with you. 

  1. The Candle Lantern

These only look expensive but are very much on the budget. Make your wedding into an exotic specter with Candle Lanterns to light up your night. These are mysterious, sophisticated, and elegant. Slow glimmering candles lit within the lanterns set up at each table make for a wonderful decorative idea that is also unique. You can also opt for the giant ones and place them in clusters on either side of the stage. 

  1. The Photo Booth

Wish to plan a wedding to remember, but don’t have the budget for it? Well, set up a photo booth in one section of the venue. This offers the guests a nice ‘Insta-ready’ spot to take crazy pictures at. Also, it becomes more of a personalized space for the guest to indulge in, something they are going to talk about for days to come. 

  • The Chalk Talk

This one is so simple, yet genius. USe chalkboard and messages writing chalk across to use at various places in the venue. These need not be some ‘classroom’ type messages but funny, cute, and also quirky messages that are sure to make the guests smile. Place them at various food counters, the entrance, seating arrangements, and other such places where some amount of direction is required. 

  1. The Tropical Mats

So, unique, So Green. USe tropical-themed table mats at the tables where the guests are to be seated. These are simply gorgeous and no one will guess that they fall ‘within the budget’! In sync with the traditional South Indian eating habit on a Banana leaf, these look stylish enough to make a statement. 


So, there you have it, people. Best of low-budget decorative wedding ideas. Skim through and use them to plan a wedding that is brilliant yet budget-friendly. 

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