5 Major Mistakes Of Czech Students

Common mistakes made by immigrants entering Czech universities.

1. Apply to only one university.

As a rule, candidates entering foreign universities have clear employment and career plans, and therefore they enter the appropriate specialty. But keep in mind that there is always fierce competition for popular colleges.

Without university admission, immigrants lose the opportunity to settle in Europe. We always recommend applying to multiple universities or colleges at the same time. You can also advance in related disciplines, for example, economics, marketing, accounting, and financial management.

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Humanities majors are often replicated in various faculties. That way, you’ll have more chances to get into university.

2. Choose a college where you don’t have to take an exam.

You can still find colleges where admission is based entirely on a bachelor’s degree. Select several of these colleges, submit the documents and wait for registration. But it is a mistake to take the path of least resistance. The choice should be based on your trends and preferences. After all, you’ll have to read into an unpopular feature, and then work.

3. Leaving school

The Czech Republic has a strict examination system for students. You may even be expelled for a failed test. In addition, universities oversee class attendance, language learning, successful exams, and intermediate assignments. For an immigrant, expulsion means not only a loss of title but also a residence permit.

4. Don’t change your social circle.

Instead of immersing themselves in a linguistic environment, immigrants stay in touch with their compatriots. This disorder is inherited in many immigrants.

5. Forget the purpose of this step.

Studying at a European university is to get a degree and find a job in your field. The Czech Republic has passed a law giving university graduates one year to look for a job. To get a successful job, you must learn the language and look for part-time jobs while continuing your studies.

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