What Running Shoes to Wear When in Rain?

Running in the rain can be a lot of fun if you have the correct rain gear, running shoes and follow a few easy safety procedures.

What to Wear If It’s Raining When You’re Running

Running does not require beautiful weather, but you must alter your running shoes and gear to stay safe and comfortable in wet situations. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need.

Shoes for Running

When running in the rain, you need to be comfortable as well as have good traction. If you’re looking for new shoes, buy them using vans promo code, to save some dollars.

You could wear an older pair of running shoes instead of your new ones, as long as the treads still provide excellent traction.

Waterproof trail runners may be a better alternative than your street-running shoes, depending on your route and terrain (whether you are trail running vs. jogging on paved streets).


Socks for Running Socks are essential for a pleasant run, especially in damp conditions. Keep in mind to:

  • Wear moisture-wicking running socks for maximum performance.
  • Blisters can be avoided by making sure your shoes fit snugly and don’t slip or slide down into your shoe, even when they’re moist.
  • Cotton socks should be avoided at all costs, since they absorb water and get mushy.

Jacket for running in the rain

The appropriate rain jacket is at the top of the list of must-have gear for running in the rain. Pick one that:

  • It’s tough but light, and it can also double as a windbreaker.
  • Mesh panels, underarm zippers, and vents are among the breathable design characteristics.
  • It has a hood that can be tightened firmly around your face to prevent it from blocking your peripheral vision, which is important for remaining safe around traffic.
  • It is brightly colored, making you easily visible from afar.



A hat provides another layer of protection from the rain, while also protecting your vision—especially if you use glasses. You can wear it alone or under the hood of your rain jacket, depending on your taste. Select a hat that:

  • It is constructed of a water-repellent fabric (avoid cotton canvas, which soaks up water).
  • It can be worn beneath the hood of your rain jacket; a baseball-cap design is ideal.
  • A bill that’s long enough to keep the rain off your face is included.

Running in the Rain: Some Tips


  • If you haven’t already begun your run, wait until the storm has passed.
  • If you’re outside and hear thunder, even if it’s far away, go to the nearest safe indoor shelter right away.
  • There’s no such thing as a lightning-proof outdoor hiding spot, certainly not under a tree.
  • There are a lot of persistent fallacies concerning lightning safety, so make sure you know the realities.
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  • Leave your earbuds at home. With less visibility, you’ll have to rely on your ears to be safe from cars or spot bikes approaching from behind.

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