SAP Business ByDesign Integration Benefits for Businesses in 2022

‘My organization is data-driven’ just does not work anymore. 2022 is the world of ‘insights-driven’ business.


It’s simple. Data is a useful tool – only if human initiative and digital technologies remain at the heart of every process. 

Improve productivity 10x, save time, resources, effort, money and take routine tasks off human hands – That’s what intelligent automation can do for your business today.

SAP Business ByDesign – An ERP, A Management Tool and Business Automation Software

For growing mid-sized businesses, SAP Business ByDesign offers the ideal solution – it is an all-encompassing cloud ERP, and business management solution delivered as-a-Service. It is designed to optimize end-to-end business functions such as CRM, financial management, project management, supply chain, etc. The tool streamlines processes and gives full visibility and control of your business. 

As a powerful cloud ERP suite, SAP Business ByDesign integration proves to be a winning strategy for most enterprises. We show how, below!

  • Gain actionable insights from real-time
  • Conduct in-depth data analytics
  • Faster implementation, consumption and adoption by users
  • Allows connectedness and collaboration anytime, anywhere
  • Visually appealing, user-friendly dashboards that facilitate easy reporting
  • Informed, confident, data-driven decision making
  • Insights-driven business strategies and performance

Start with SAP Business ByDesign Starter Package!

Transitioning to a different ERP or new ERP requires a lot of testing and trial. The ultimate goal is to make the software do what your business exactly needs. So before you implement SAP Business ByDesign, you can opt for the SAP Business ByDesign Starter Package. 

Offered as SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution (SAP QPPS) for fast-growing businesses, the SAP Business ByDesign Starter Package efficiently turns growth potential into real results. The cloud-based ERP connects every process across your organization to time-tested best practices and in-depth analytics. You’ll get the foundation to compete with confidence, without the complexity or cost. 

Noteworthy features of SAP Business ByDesign starter package include- 

  • 500+ reports
  • Real-time analytics and decisions
  • Zero IT footprint
  • Complete security
  • 6 weeks rapid implementation
  • Seamless integrations with e-commerce, barcode, GST filing, E-way bills and bank

The best part- once your IT team is adept with the software, the company expands and business runs smoothly on the SAP platform, you can switch to the full-fledged SAP Business ByDesign.

Uneecops Business Solutions can help improve profitability and bottom lines using SAP Business ByDesign Integration

In the rapidly changing world, businesses have to constantly reinvent themselves in order to survive. Gone are the days when a 10 or 20% yearly hike in the ROI was considered huge. 2022 is the time of greater productivity and profitability. 

Today is the time to act according to insights. Uneecops Business Solutions is a CMMI Level 5 company and Asia’s #1 SAP Business One partner. Our SAP ByD experts collaborate closely with businesses to offer end-to-end support and strengthen their business automation abilities. We help businesses through their SAP Business ByDesign or Qualified Partner Packaged Solution (QPPS) journey from migration to implementation, hosting, customization, and managed services. UBS ‘works together’ to design future-state processes with SAP Business ByDesign, which has helped many businesses achieve enterprise transformation and continuously deliver top-notch services. 

Author bio – Julia Lee is a marketing expert who is working on MNC for the past 2 years. She has been associated with Uneecops Business Solution as on business adviser for couple of years and provides sap business one license. Apart from this, she is a pet lover and a passionate photographer.

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