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Does the lack of proper communication channels for your company bother you?

If the answer is yes, then it’s a good idea to set up your corporate intranet portal. An intranet is a private network that acts as an employee hub by centrally placing company information such as policies, companies, and announcements, and providing specific spaces for easy access.

In addition, intranets facilitate the sharing of information and resources among employees. It is also easy to configure with valid employee intranet solution. In addition, intranet software is highly effective in increasing the productivity of an organization by establishing effective communication channels. is a powerful employee intranet solution developed by Agilityportal Solutions. Strengthen the social intranet platform and bring various benefits to the enterprise. is fully customizable and is currently used by millions of people. In addition, it can be used effectively for tasks, calendar management, and message sharing, increasing your love for your employees.

Major features

    Document management solution

    Easily upload and share documents using’s drag-and-drop feature. In addition, these latest features make you a true boss of your data.

    Calendar function Corporate Intranet Portal can post meeting, meeting, and webcast details to the community. In addition, it tracks people’s reactions to activity availability.

    Share photos and videos allows employees to upload and share photos and videos to their own photo album. The drag and drop feature employee intranet solution also helps speed up the upload process. In addition to this, you can add names, descriptions and ratings to your photos and videos.

    Activity flow tracking

    Activity streams help you easily track all the activities that people, groups, or people have performed. chat’s built-in chat feature helps get rid of bulky email websites. This corporate intranet portal feature is a responsive instant messaging app that helps you stay connected with your team.

    Advanced task manager

    Pay close attention to what work is planned, on what date, and who is responsible for completing it. Task Manager is also great for scheduling project phases and deadlines.

    High security

    At, data security is a top priority. Data is stored on cloud servers, so data loss is never a problem. Deploying corporate intranet portal on its own server also provides better protection for your company and its data.

    Team management allows you to create another space for your team. In addition, you can add, organize, and manage projects in specific team spaces. Adding third-party guests, such as contractors and customers, is a simple task with

    Quick communication helps remove barriers employee intranet to communication within the enterprise. In addition, it provides an instant messaging service for chatting with members and guests. In addition, you can send private messages and create group chats.

    Screen sharing

    Why install third party software to share the screen? Leave it to Now you can share one window or the entire screen with anyone in Video Hangouts.

    Easy content management allows teams to create and edit content in real time. You can add notes, assign tasks to team members, and easily share ideas. Because it’s a real-time service, you can track what changes have been made to your content and by whom.

    Manage files Employee Intranet Solution makes it easy to save and share files. In addition, you can integrate and collaborate on cloud files stored in several other services. In addition, it has the ability to track the version history of a file and undo changes.

    Manage projects and tasks corporate intranet portal helps you list tasks by priority and due date. In addition, you can create to-do lists, add project details, and assign tasks to team members.

    Multilingual support

    Does your team consist of members from all over the world? Don’t worry, is multilingual. Easily collaborate on documents and manage tasks in over 10 languages. For example, Chinese, Czech, German, French, Italian, Russian, etc.

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