Benefits of Free Job Posting on Job Hunting Websites and Directories

Free job posting websites (eg: Job Mantra), job directories, and job boards are the best place to post jobs, especially if you’re looking for talented people in a specific niche or area.

They allow you to advertise your job vacancies at a very low cost. In fact, most of them offer free job posting services for employers.

However, there’s also a downside: most job-hunting websites don’t offer any quality control over applications submitted by candidates (unlike with job boards). In other words, they don’t vet applicants before allowing them to apply for your open positions (which means that some of them might not actually be qualified). Therefore, it’s important that you carefully check each application and make sure that only qualified candidates are allowed to submit their CVs/resumes.


Easy Application Process.

You don’t need to submit your resume or cover letter when applying for a job through a job-hunting site or directory; you simply fill out the online application form. This is much easier than having to write a cover letter and send it in with your resume.

No cost.

Some of the most popular sites out there don’t charge employers anything to post their job vacancies. The site’s only source of revenue is advertising, which means they can offer free listings.

More applicants.

If your ad gets in front of more people, more people will apply for your job opening. Many sites have large audiences, so you have the potential to attract many qualified candidates with little effort on your part.

Exposure through social media and search engines.

Most websites and directories allow you to promote your listing through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter, as well as through Google search results when someone searches for jobs in a particular industry or location. This helps increase brand awareness among potential employees (as well as employers who might be looking for new talent).

Customizable postings with pictures, video, and other multimedia content.

Many sites offer customizable templates that allow you to include additional information in your posting such as qualifications required by the position and why someone should apply (such as salary range).

How long does it take for my ad to appear in search results?

Once approved, the team will publish your job ad on our website within 24 hours. Once published, it will be displayed in Google and Bing search results, allowing potential candidates to find your job listing and apply directly through our site.

What kind of information should the recruiter include in their advertisement?

There are no hard and fast rules here, but the more information you give potential candidates about your company and job requirements will help they decide whether or not they want to apply for it. Make sure that all the information is clear, easy to read, and doesn’t take up too much space — with so many ads on one page, brevity is important!

Responses from job postings

Yes, most of these sites provide stats about how many people viewed your ad and how many clicked on it, so you can easily see which ones are getting more attention than others and adjust accordingly.

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