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Why Do Students Find it Tough to Pass the IELTS Exam?

One of the most common fears regarding the IELTS exam in the minds of the students is its difficulty level. Many students find it too hard to clear. This is especially true for those students residing in remote towns or village areas where English is not spoken at all. They feel that they will never be able to clear the IELTS exam on the first attempt. There is a lot of fear built around the IELTS exam. It is necessary to bust out these fears so that students prepare peacefully for the exam.

The reason why we find something difficult is because we don’t practice enough. Moreover, whenever someone is trying something new he will find it challenging. Stepping out of your comfort zone to try new things and learn new skills is quite challenging. But you can’t sit at home feeling scared of the new change in your life. So it is vital to know that the IELTS exam is not at all hard. It is just because of some mistakes made by students that they fail to clear the exam. Are you planning to appear for the IELTS exam? We suggest you join  IELTS online coaching offered by this esteemed institute to kickstart your preparations.

Let us discuss some reasons why students find it hard to clear the IELTS exam. 

Lack of focus

Proper focus is integral to cracking the IELTS exam. Without that, it will be highly unlikely to do well in the exam. Students find it hard to focus on their preparations. Their mind keeps getting distracted by several things. It is important to sit for 1-2 hours for self-study but we see most students cannot continue studying for longer periods. They often take unscheduled breaks which affect their preparations. Even if they have prepared a well-planned timetable they are not going to adhere to it. The reason behind all of this is the lack of proper focus. So the first reason why IELTS is hard for some students is because they lack proper focus. If you are aiming to get a good band score in the IELTS exam, get your focus back on your study.

No reading habits

The reading section is very important. But still, there are several students who end up losing marks in this section. They are unable to dig out answers from the passage. They take it too long to study the whole passage and end up leaving many questions unanswered. In order to do well in the reading section, you need to work on your reading habits. Without adequate practice in reading, you will never be able to read the long passages and find the answers. Now you don’t need to pick up lengthy and complex novels and books, to begin your reading practice. Just pick up any good English newspaper and start reading the news items. You have to try to read the paper in just 20-30 minutes. This helps you read any passage quickly. If you read newspapers daily it will greatly contribute to developing good reading habits. And thus you will find it easy to do well in the reading section. So now you should be aware that the second reason why students find it hard to clear the IELTS exam is their lack of reading habits. 

Fear of speaking

There is no doubt in the fact that speaking has always been feared by several people. Most students become extremely nervous while speaking in English. They go blank and fail to frame sentences to speak. It is quite a  standard problem among learners preparing for the IELTS exam to fumble while speaking English. But the catch is that this fear can easily be removed with proper practice.

 See if you are someone who speaks English rarely in daily life then it can definitely be hard for you to ace the speaking section of the IELTS exam. You might find it hard to come up with ideas to speak and fumble badly during your speaking test. So fear of speaking is another reason why is it hard for some students to clear the IELTS exam. Through regular and consistent practice can easily sway away these fears and help them achieve a good band score. 

No patience

When you are embarking on the journey to learn something new you got to be very patient. Your brain is processing new information daily and it needs time to retain all of that. It is impossible for your brain to rehearse and retain all the information in one single day. Most students expect quick results. So if they have joined some coaching institute they want to become masters in the English language as soon as possible.

 See the fact is that English is not just a language but it is an art. and to learn the art you need to deal with patience. You cannot learn new concepts in haste. So this is a common reason why students find IELTS hard because they expect to do well without proper practice. They are impatient and want good results by putting in less effort. So take care of this thing while preparing for your IELTS exam. In addition to IELTS, many students take the PTE exam. If you want to pass the PTE exam, we recommend that you enrol in PTE online coaching classes and study hard under the guidance of experts. 

Ignoring weak areas

Now the following reason why students feel it is difficult to clear the IELTS exam is that they fail to address their weak areas. While practicing they must have come across some topics or concepts where they fared poorly. But some of them ignore improving those areas because they don’t want to take efforts to learn difficult things. . All individuals possess a set of strengths and weaknesses.  Those who transform their weaknesses into strengths succeed in the journey of life. If you are facing trouble in some section of the IELTS exam then instead of ignoring or delaying it for the future you got to practice it daily.   

Wrapping it up

So there are several reasons why many students find the IELTS exam too hard to clear. But most of the time it has to do with their lack of practice and other common mistakes they make while preparing for the exam.  So if you wish to get a good band score in IELTS then it’s time to stop complaining and work on the areas of improvement.  Practice consistently and put in all your efforts.

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