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What Role Does a Refinancing Title Company Play?



The bank could need the assistance of a title business to help with the refinancing procedure when a customer asks for a loan to refinance real estate. It is the title company’s duty to confirm that you are the legal owner of the property. Usually, a title search is used to accomplish this evaluation. The title firm is also looking for unpaid judgments that the lender would want to be paid before moving through with a refinance. A simple guide to the role of Refinancing Title Companies is provided here.



Banks provide loans to support home equity lines of credit, home renovation loans, and real estate transactions. A mortgage is what this is. An owner may occasionally refinance his mortgage to get a cheaper interest rate or borrow more money. The refinancing procedure frequently involves a Refinancing Title Company.


Conducting Essential Background Checks

The title business will carefully review all the property-related paperwork to reassure the bank that the applicant is the rightful owner. The title firm will also determine whether the property has any title issues. Outstanding mortgages, foreclosures, unpaid taxes, and judgments can be a few issues. If there have been any title changes since the purchase, the title firm will also let the bank know.


They Are Qualified To Do Title Research

The bank employs a Refinancing Title Company to check the property’s title. The lender needs proof that the loan applicant is the property’s legitimate owner. The lender is also interested in learning if the title is clear. The lender needs to know if there have been any modifications to the title since the first mortgage, even if the title was investigated for that purpose. For instance, if a search turns up a judgment that has been brought against the owner since the original mortgage was issued, the lender may demand that the decision be satisfied before approving a refinancing.


A Title Business Can Serve as a Communication Hub

To determine the precise sum utilized to settle any liens or encumbrances against the property, a title firm employee will contact outside parties. The title business communicates with the lender and property owner involved in the refinance. The title business gathers and organizes all loan and title paperwork required for refinancing.



When the borrower signs the loan agreements and plans are established for money disbursement, the gathering is known as a “closing.” The closing agent for the title company creates a settlement statement that includes a breakdown of all the expenses that will be paid with loan proceeds and the amount that will be delivered to the borrower. 

The borrower signs a new promissory note and mortgage as well as the settlement statement and refinancing paperwork at the closing. The county recorder’s office receives the mortgage from the closing.



Refinancing a house might be intimidating for those who have never done it before. Despite your initial vow to make regular mortgage payments, unforeseen challenges may arise. Refinancing may be possible for you if these issues come as a surprise to attempt to lessen your mortgage payments. Your hunt for a reduced interest rate will undoubtedly be aided by communication with a Refinancing Title Company.


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