Latest Trends in Royal Wedding Card Background Designs and Ideas

It all starts with the words. An Indian wedding is an auspicious occasion and it needs to start with the perfect invitation. In fact, many do not realise, but the manner in which an invite is send across to the loved ones makes a lot of difference. Hence, the Wedding cards are an important aspect of any wedding. While you can set the trend the way you like it the best, however, it is the ‘Royal theme’ that has caught the current fancy. As the Indian culture is heavily influenced with our rich heritage and royal past, we intend to imply the same in our taste. So, what are the Royal themes that you can select from? Well, we at My Mandap have curated a list of some of the latest trends in Royal Wedding card background designs and ideas

The Royal Blue

Why not start the Royal background card theme with the classic Royal Blue? Well, take a look at the sample above and you know what we are talking about. Crisp, classic, and utterly elegant. This card idea is a far cry from the ‘chaotic confusion’ we have been witnessing in the past. Too much writings, messages and names are not something that the couples of today like to opt for. The wedding card should showcase the essence of the sentiments surrounding the theme that the couple has in mind. A classis Blue and Gold will never disappoint and appeals to all. 

The True Turquoise 

Not many people think of Turquiose as an idea for the Royal Wedding card idea. But, trust us when we say that this makes the perfect first impression. The color is mild yet strong, Cool yet traditional. Unlike the glitter and unwanted shine we are used to, this card idea is an instant hit. The initial message needs to be displayed at the front within the Design. The other basic details are printed inside with least confusion and maximum information. 

The Classic White

Whites never go out of style. The never wrong combination of White and Gold hits home when it comes to the ultimate in the Royal-vibe. This theme makes the right impression when you need to speak ‘Sophistication’. White symbolises purity and authenticity. It also depicts the fact that you have got optimum class and wish the same from the other party. The lovely Golden floral design is soothing yet interesting, with just the right tinge of tradition. Write your message in true style, both on the front and the details within. 

The Tradition of Royalty

Need something that showcases your cultural roots and Spritual values. Well, this Royal themed wedding card idea is perfect when you need to bring together some amount of Religiousness along with Royalty. Not over the top, yet attractive enough; the Graphite Black and Gold combination speaks ‘statement’ at its loudest. A wonderful way to announce your wedding to the world and involve the loved ones; trust us when we say, this will be ‘copied’ for many weddings to come. 

The Pure Gold

Nothing depicts Royalty and taste like the way Gold does. This soft-glam theme is one of our personal favorites and the current popular one. With the Gold on Gold design one cannot complain of too much. The theme is soft, classic, elegant and pretty at the same time. A perfect match for a couple who want their wedding card to be the talk of the town. The initial message is printed at the bottom with a simple, crisp detailing inside. 

King and Queen

Nothing speaks Royal better than Royalty themselves. This wedding card idea is too cute to ignore. The depiction of a royal couple on the either side makes for the perfect matrimonial message that stems from the traditions of royalty. Dont be worried about people breaking into a smile when they see this. It is unique, lovely and just right when you need to get married ‘royal style’. 


Well, there you have it people. Some of the latest trends in Royal Wedding card background designs and ideas. Pick the one that speaks ‘you’ and announce to the world the most important day in your life. 

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