Everything You Need to Know the CPENT Certification 

The CPENT or Certified Penetration Test Professional program will teach you how to conduct a penetration test within a network environment that has been defended, attacked, evaded and exploited. If you’re working only on flat networks, you can easily take your skills to a new level with CPENT. Through this certification, you will learn how to pen test OT systems and IoT systems and write down your own exploits. You will also learn how to conduct advanced binaries exploitation, build your own set of tools, double pivot to gain access to all the hidden networks and customize scripts to get within the network’s innermost segment.

Things you learn in CPENT certification.

There are 13 to 14 modules where you will learn from the “Introduction of Penetration Testing” to “Post Critical Article and Report Writing”. Each of these modules will teach you the main parts of penetration testing, its importance, and why you need to conduct it in today’s world. 

These modules will be covered through online classes where professional instructors will help you learn and understand all the areas of CPENT certification and help you gain the knowledge and skills you need. These instructors have years of experience in this area and will surely ask all your questions without hassle.

Some self-study modules also fall under this particular certification, which are:

  • Mobile Device Penetration Testing.
  • Python Environment and Scripting. 
  • Ruby Environment and Scripting. 
  • Penetration Testing Important Concepts. 
  • PowerShell Scripting. 
  • Active Directory Pen Testing.
  • Fuzzing. 
  • Pearl Environment and Scripting.
  • Mastering Metasploit Framework.
  • Bash Environment and Testing. 

What are the features of the CPENT examination?

The examination for CPENT certification comes with many different features. It’s highly essential to learn about these features right before you opt for the exams. These features are:

  • You can opt for the single 24-hour examination or take the two 12-hour sessions. 
  • A specialist will proctor the whole examination, so there is a chance of cheating. 
  • To become a CPENT, you need to score 70%. 
  • To earn the LPT [Master] certification, you must score at least 90%.

Questions that you should ask about the CPENT Certification

If you’re opting for this certification for the first time, you might have many questions about it. So, right before you opt for the course, you must ask the following questions:

  • How do I obtain the LPT [Master] certificate? 
  • What makes the CPENT course so interesting?
  • Who are eligible to opt for this particular certification?
  • Is it possible to take the CPENT course at home?

Ending Note

CPENT is an important, remotely proctored, and fully online examination, which comes in the form of a 24-hour performance-based examination. This practical examination can also be broken down into two 12-hour sessions. Opting for this examination will not help you gain knowledge on penetration testing, but you also learn about the methodologies, tools and techniques required in today’s world.


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