Best Real Estate Online Courses Online to Take Today

Here we draw a comparison between MAH & Coursera real estate courses to take this 2022. Each aspect is covered for your understanding. Go through them properly.

Do you fancy a career in real estate? 

  •      Are you looking for appropriate online courses to get hands-on learning on becoming a realtor so you can take the licensing exam?

If so, you’ll be surprised by the number of real estate courses available for aspiring students (like you) to take!

The real estate industry has been booming recently and has proven to be quite the career magnet for promising young talents.

Of course, not all lessons you find online will be appropriate for you- (be it in the specialization or the quality of the course itself).

But, fret not!

One of the top educational institutions – (MAH), offers comprehensive real estate courses with a flexible schedule to enroll.

Their courses are reasonably priced and will be the perfect career launcher for keen learners wanting to enter the world of real estate.

So, without procrastinating further, let’s cut to the chase!

MAH’s Real Estate Prep Courses (A General Overview)’s online courses cover everything you must know about selling properties and aiding buyers invest in the right real estate.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other aspects covered in detail for your proper comprehension.

Here’s a Sneak Peek into its Course curriculum

  • Real estate financial analytics
  • Real estate development- Process & Planning
  • The Study of Data Science in Real Estate
  • Commercial real estate analysis & investment
  • Successful negotiation – Experts’ skills & strategies
  • Construction management – A beginners’ guide
  • Introduction to negotiation – a Strategic playbook
  • In-depth understanding of real estate price prediction
  • Application of AI & real estate technology

The Benefits of MAH’s Real Estate Course for Keen Learners

  • Real estate prep courses from MAH teachers cover crucial aspects of this demanding industry.
  • You learn critical concepts about financial economics, the commercial real estate market, and answers to all your real estate questions.
  • It gives you an overview of the fundamental economic principles and progresses to more intricate investment and financial analysis.
  • It provides cutting-edge insights into what’s hot (and what’s not) in this booming real estate market.
  • Presents proper know-how on accessing various risks to analyzing evolving real-estate trends.
  • It gives a proper understanding of analytical tools and techniques for analyzing the value of the property and being able to augment your whole decision-making process.

Students Also Get:

  • Life-long access to all study materials and on-demand video lessons
  • Round-the-clock access to customer service
  • A panel of experts to answer your questions and clear your doubts
  • Easily downloadable articles, case studies, and PDFs

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Comparing MAH’s Real Estate Prep Course with COURSERA

In addition to MAH, other educational institutions have been offering real estate courses to their respective students.

One such name which comes to mind is COURSERA. So without wasting time, let’s dive into its course curriculums.

Coursera Real estate course curriculum

  • An introduction to construction management
  • The Secrets to success negotiations – (skills & strategies for both beginners and advanced learners)
  • Know-hows to become a principled and persuasive negotiator
  • In-depth coverage of real estate price predictions
  • The art of investing and financing real estate infrastructure
  • Data Science in Real estate – (harnessing the power of analytics to make sound decisions)
  • Advanced property development (levels 1-4)

What Can 1st Timers Expect?

  • 30-day refund assurance.
  • Grants full lifetime access.
  • Offers legitimate certification after completion.
  • All courses are available at reasonable rates.
  • On-demand videos and resources available to download.

Final Verdict:

These real estate courses seem appropriate for keen learners wanting to enter the productive world of real estate.

Of course, in terms of student favourability, MAH is slightly ahead of Coursera.

If you are inclined towards MAH, visit its official website and enquire more about this course.

Their help desk will gladly help you out. For more writing click here

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