Are’s Machine Learning Online Courses Worth It?

Do MyAssignmenthelp’s online courses match up to courses elsewhere online? Can they help you build the proper foundation? Let’s find out everything in Myassignmenthelp review.

There are numerous machine learning courses all over the Web, some good & some mediocre. One of the most detailed & structured courses on AI & ML is available at Theirs is a certified course on Microsoft Azure AI fundamentals, delivered via video lessons & lectures and replete with assignments, tests, codes, presentations, and demonstrations.

But is the MyAssignmenthelp machine learning course on Azure genuinely worth it? Find out everything below.

About The Course

As per their course overview, more than 3000 students have enrolled. It teaches the fundamental ideas & concepts in artificial intelligence & machine learning using the Microsoft Azure platform.

  • Firstly, this is a rudimentary course designed to help learners build a solid foundation. In addition, it will help develop knowledge and acquaint you with typical AI applications & workloads.

Furthermore, it will teach you the ability to identify Azure services tailored to meet application needs & requirements.

  • Another critical aspect of this course is that it’s perfectly designed for ML beginners and those looking to crack the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 examination.
  • Like this course, the exam tests a learner’s skills and knowledge of machine learning & the Azure cloud platform. This fundamental course is easily accessible to people from non-technical backgrounds as well.
  • There are instructor-led lessons & lectures delivered through multiple videos: hands-on exercises, a plethora of reference materials & presentations, demos & more.
    • 8+ hours of content, practice tests, and quizzes
    • PPT, projects and demo resources
    • Certificate of completion
  • There are loads of practice tasks and exercises to help learners develop their ML knowledge and prepare for the Azure Exam AI-900.
  • The course follows a blended learning system, delivering online courses & reference materials alongside instructor-led video lessons.
  • Lastly, the course content & associated tasks and assignments are comprehensive enough to prepare learners perfectly for the AI-900 exam.

From core concepts & variants in machine learning to tools & features for NLP, conversational AI & computer vision workloads in Azure, it dwells into the nitty-gritty of everything.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the course modules:

  • Getting Started with AI Azure
  • NLP Workloads In Azure
  • Features of Computer Vision in Azure
  • AI Anomaly Detection
  • Knowledge Mining Using Azure AI
  • Azure Sandbox
  • Creating Classification & Clustering Models
  • Face Detection & Text Interpretation
  • Building ML-Powered Solutions With Azure

All the above and much more are available at just $5!

Prerequisites à There are no specific prerequisites.

However, aspirants should possess some essential awareness & experience of using computers & the Internet. In addition, they must be interested in the AI & ML domains, models & algorithms and willing to learn through hands-on experience.

How It All Works

Enrolling in’s online machine learning course is quite simple.

  1. Just register on the website,
  2. Pick the course,
  3. Lastly, pay the fees,
  4. And you can get start at your convenience.

Once subscribed, learners get lifetime access to every course content.

Practice tasks, assignments, and projects are galore in this course. In addition, there’s a hands-on project at the end of the course that learners must complete successfully to earn the completion certificate.

The Biggest Benefits

  • Firstly, you get unlimited access to everything and a shareable course completion certificate at prices as low as $5.
  • Secondly, all lessons, videos, & reference materials in this course are accessible for free once you enrol. You can access them any time you want via any device.
  • Thirdly, Azure-certified ML engineers and highly qualified subject matter experts are the brains behind the course.
  • Lastly, get your doubts cleared in less than 24 hours with a prompt & friendly customer support team.


In conclusion,’s online machine learning course offers all-encompassing guidance at a price of just $5. Because, crafted by genuine Azure-certified academic professionals. Finally, this online machine learning course is the real deal and worth it!

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