8 Amazing Methods to Build Muscle  

8 Amazing Methods to Build Muscle  

A solid and lean muscle mass is the desire of everyone. It is admirable as it signifies optimum health and desirable fitness level. This comes by constantly hitting the gym and structuring your meal to support muscle growth.  

However, building muscles might prove a little tricky. It is more than working out at the gym and restricting your meals. Many parts of the muscle-building process occur outside the gym and determine the success of the whole endeavor.  

This article will explore eight helpful ways to build muscle fast: 

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Consider Kratom as a supplement. 

Building muscle involves spending time at the gym, which might trigger pain, and even disturb sleep. As a result, one needs the right supplement to take care of some of the aftermaths of working out.  

Kratom Variety Packs is a good choice that can help fight pain and reduce anxiety. When stress gets too much, it could make one nervous and jittery when working out. With Kratom, you can enjoy calmness, which will help you perform at your best while working out.  

Besides, Kratom can reduce inflammation, may boost appetite, and can relax tight muscles, and have other advantages that contribute to the overall muscle gain process.  

Consume More Protein 

One of the primary functions of protein is in the building and maintenance of muscles. In the body, protein helps repair cells, including muscle cells subjected to wear and tear while in the gym. When you supplement with protein, it boosts the repair and building of muscles.  

While the amount of protein one will need varies, it is recommended that one should consume between 2 to 3 grams of protein per kilogram of the body weight.  

Sleep More 

The actual muscle-building process occurs when sleeping. As a result, the effort is not complete, no matter how hard you lift weight or work out. Without adequate sleep, one might even lose the motivation to work out, which will sabotage the whole effort.  

Optimum rest sets the stage for muscle recovery. According to studies, muscle growth and repair occur during sleep. Besides, sleep affects vital hormones like cortisol and other human growth hormones that influence muscle growth and maintenance.  


Consider Compound Strength Exercises 

When trying to build muscle mass, strength training is pretty vital. However, one needs to understand that not all moves support muscle growth. One needs to concentrate on compound movement that engages the entire body. Such moves burn calories and help maximize muscle growth.  

This involves working out the biggest muscle group in the body: hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Such exercises include squats, deadlifts, walking lunges, and burpees. Also, plyometric moves like box jumps and jump squats with or without weight are terrific ideas.  


Pushups engage the lower and upper body parts, which triggers muscle growth in the said part. It also helps train the upper body part like arms, back, chest and shoulders.  

With time as you grow, you can advance the pushup by leaning on a wall to have the pushup at an angle. Over time, the floor can be your starting point.  

The muscles of the biceps and triceps are also boosted with pushups since the exercise targets the entire body weight.  

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Consume Oatmeal 

Oatmeal is a terrific source of carbs that can help in gaining muscle. When cooked, oatmeal occupies a lot of space in the stomach, making one feel full, even with little calories. For skinny athletes, it is best served cold.  

When consumed raw, the calorie equivalent might be up to 450 calories, alongside the milk you eat with it. Consider adding some slivered nuts and a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter for added flavor. This will give you a high-calorie breakfast that will support you on the field.  

Reduce Stress 

When trying to build muscle, stress is one of the main antagonists. It reduces muscle-building capacity and reduces vital male hormones like testosterone. Also, it reduces human growth hormones and increases adrenaline and cortisol, which break down rather than building muscle.  

Not only that, stress reduces energy, hinders sleep, and makes you lose motivation to work out. This makes it essential to do all in your power to reduce stress.  

Consider taking a bath after work, going for a walk, reading, meditation, visualization, staying away from work emails and calls when off work, etc.  

Eat Regularly 

One needs to stock up on foods when trying to build muscle constantly. This is not just any food, but the proper meal at the right time. While breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be constant, consider filling the gaps with snacks, post-workout meals, etc.  

The idea is to keep your meal intake up, which will reduce the tendency to go hungry. Eating smaller meals, compared to huge ones, will reduce your stomach size. This means you feel full faster and have reduced body fat, leading to fewer cravings.  

When you stay a long time without food, there is a high tendency to overeat when you eventually eat or consume unhealthy snacks. As a result, increase the frequency of your meals, and your body will only call for food at a specific period. 





Building muscle requires strength, determination, and the willingness to give it what it takes. This article has explored various tips with which one can have sustainable muscle growth.  

Making this tips an habit can go a long way to help you build muscle fast.  



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