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Home Baked vs Bakery Made Cakes

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Desserts are the sweet dishes which are served at the end of the meal. Their mouthwatering taste can melt any heart, and just hearing the names of the desserts makes our mouths water. CAKE is a popular and delicious dessert that everyone enjoys and makes cake delivery online . Cakes are popular for a variety of reasons, and their popularity as a dessert is undeniable. Cakes online, like any other dessert, can be enjoyed after your main course. They not only aid digestion but also stimulate the taste buds. The delicious flavours of the cake make it the ideal accompaniment to any cuisine. People don’t mind indulging in this delectable dessert after any meal, whether dinner or lunch.

Hundreds of flavours – Cakes

Cakes come in hundreds of flavours, from black forest to red velvet, vanilla to strawberry, and there are so many options when it comes to choosing the flavours of a cake. You can try a new flavour for each new occasion, and there are so many options that you’ll never get tired of them. Another advantage is that you can sample a cake flavoured with seasonal fruits even when those fruits are unavailable in the market.

One of any home baker’s pet peeves is when a customer asks why their product is “not as cheap as the one you can buy in a bakery/supermarket.” Many home bakers are offended by this, and rightly so. This post aims to help customers understand why there is a price difference; by the end of the article, you will have a better understanding of the craft that these home bakers hone in order to provide you with the perfect product.

Budget –  Cakes

When you’re on a budget, your run-of-the-mill Rs. 300 cake is always there for you to pick up, but the most important factor is – do you know what goes into these mass-produced cakes? They are most likely not made fresh and have a shelf life of several weeks, if not months. It has this shelf life due to the preservatives and chemicals that are used.

Because the ingredients are sourced as cheaply as possible, it is almost unfit for human consumption. Here is a list of some of the ingredients used in large bakeries to make their cakes:

  • Margarine (made from hard oils such as palm) – a much cheaper alternative to oil or butter.

  • Fructose and glucose (not as part of the sugar you use in baking) powdered dried egg (and not real eggs)

  • Flour with bleach (which is put through chemical processes to look uniform)

Cake gel, an ingredient used by bakeries to make their cakes spongy and moist, delivers exactly the opposite of what it promises. What’s the catch? It contains humectants, which are typically derived from animal fats. Bakeries commonly use these in eggless cakes because eggs are natural humectants and thus do not require any other additives. But eggless cakes do, and when these animal fats are added, they become spongy and moist. So, how vegetarian is your “eggless” option? It’s the same as eating vegetarian gelatin, which is also made from animal byproducts.

So, what makes home bakers unique?

  • Preservatives or chemicals are not added to the cake base to make it last longer or for any other reason.

  • They make the caker, with the requested colours, design, writings, fondant toppers, and even current trends such as glazes, neon drips, gold leaves, pinata cakes, edible prints, and so on.

  • The ingredients used are tailored to the needs of the customer, taking into account allergies and dietary restrictions. Dry fruits, milk, and even gluten can be avoided if the client so desires. There are always keto, vegan, and vegetarian options available.

  • A home kitchen’s hygiene levels are much higher and safer than a commercial baking space.

  • You can purchase these cakes and have them delivered with online cake delivery. 

This, among other things, is why a home baker’s creation can never be compared to a store-bought cake. Cakes sold in stores are mass produced with the cheapest ingredients and with no regard for health benefits also you can order cake online Hyderabad. Home Bakers buy goods at retail prices and make products from scratch, all according to the customer’s dietary and design preferences. So, the next time you want a cake, consider what you’re eating when you buy a store-bought cake, and never underestimate the effort that home bakers put in to make your cake.

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